A Rebel’s Dangerous Kink (2)

Eric and Trevor find themselves deep in enemy territory, on a mission of revenge, stalking their target and prepared to use lethal force. But this mission also has another objective, as the pair of seasoned guerrilla fighters plot to acquire a bounty of a very different kind.

Hipster Intelligence Agency


The show ended, as Candy and Heather untangled themselves and blew kisses to the crowd, responding to deafening catcalls and applause. The girls grabbed their clothes as the men pointed their cell phones at the stage, snapping pictures and transferring tips to the girls.

“That’s Silverstein,” Trevor said, nodding at the back of the room where a short frizzy-haired, middle-aged man had entered, followed by a large black man. They walked to the other side of the room and disappeared through another door. A voice from the loudspeakers announced last call – “you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here” – and the lights went on, as a handful of bouncers started hurrying people out of the doors.

Trevor and Eric followed the crowd out, meandering around until they got to their car. Two hours prior, they had strategically parked near the back entrance, a place they…

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