Single & Famous

Just an excuse to indulge my completely inappropriate K. Flay obsession.

Hipster Intelligence Agency

I burned all your pictures and tore all your clothes
Girl, you still have my laptop and you still owe me dough
I paid three fourths of the rent you gave me nothing but grief
You need to get out my life, yeah, I need some relief


Don’t like the way you look at me, I’ve had enough
Don’t like the shit you’re texting me, calling me up
Don’t like the things you said to me, all of your lies
You’ll never get me back no matter how hard you try

Because I’m single, and I’m famous
All these people know what my name is
While I’m touring the world you’re eating at Mickey-Dee’s
You chill fresh with your roommates
I’m rolling with celebrities

I trashed your love letters
I took you out of my phone
Boy, when you call my cell all I see is unknown
I waited

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