Man Up And Marry Those Subs!

From “Anonymous Age 71” at Dalrock:

What most women and even men don’t understand is what happens to a man when his wife submits. It is pretty much like a young woman who has her first baby. She is just a “dumb ole’ girl” but when she realizes that baby in her arms is helpless and is going to die if she doesn’t take care of it, it’s as if she popped into a phone booth and came out wearing a blue mom suit. Except in abortion cultures, of course.

Just so men, except those in a misandrist culture, when they realize their wife is truly submitting change and start worrying what to do and how to do it. And, men do make mistakes at first. A submissive wife will understand this, and will not divorce him the first time he makes a mistake, but will help and motivate and encourage him while he fixes his mistakes.

I remember the first time I heard about wifely submission. A pastor’s daughter, a friend of my daughter’s, was marrying, They had that part of the Bible read. I noticed with interest that as it was read, she was relaxed. He looked scared, which meant he understood the enormity of his job as leader.

7 thoughts on “Man Up And Marry Those Subs!

  1. It all changes after that first sprog is going full term…

    How to find a sub?

    Ask a woman if she can kill a pregnancy, particularly yours. If her answers is yes…Not a sub.


    1. >Ask a woman if she can kill a pregnancy, particularly yours. If her answers is yes…Not a sub.

      That’s going to be my new pick up line. “Hey baby, if I knocked you up would you have an abortion?”


  2. She is exactly right. Excellent explanation of what actually happens. That which he directs my priorities to be always revolves around creating a peaceful, harmonious home – a place of rest for everyone including those who come to visit. This has made me the least stressed out woman I know. My health is excellent, my mental health is excellent, I close my eyes at night and am asleep within seconds. I have no stress. God knows precisely how he created us and His call for us women in marriage is literally for our own good and for our good health.


    1. @SD

      In some ways it’s just basic teamwork. Perhaps a woman’s ego can often interfere with her common sense in realizing her man might understand some things better than she does and she should trust his judgement.


  3. Sleep is always good, all my kids sleep well every night, just as we do. In fact I never had troubles laying my head down next to my woman, that’s why I knew she was number one…always.

    Team work and communication is key, plus having the balls to put someone in their place if needed, but you also have to listen as everyone can fuck up now and then.


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