The Synagogue of Satan

You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits
You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits

Many years ago I started a correspondence with a mulatta woman whose father was a relatively high ranking official in the Roman Catholic Church in the Caribbean. She was a peace activist and corresponded with the Iraqi resistance. One day she sent me a panicked email saying that women were being raped and tortured in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. There were a few articles printed about how the Iraqi resistance had attacked the prison, trying to blow it up and kill everyone inside. This was puzzling to a lot of people – why would the Iraqis want to kill their fellow Iraqis – many of them part of the resistance themselves – who had been captured?

What had happened was women in the prison had smuggled out notes asking the resistance to destroy the prison and kill them, because they would rather be dead than endure the rape and torture any longer. Lots of dark rumors floated about, but when the pictures were released and General Anthony Taguba made his report, the reality was far more wicked than any of the worst rumors.

Bizarre sexual torture was being inflicted on Iraqis, both men and women, like something out of De Sade. When the scandal broke a few low level soldiers were scapegoated, and the men responsible for this sexual torture program – Donald Rumsfeld and Douglas Feith – were never even prosecuted. Many Christians who had supported the wars denounced the torture.

Except for one group, that oddly, did their very best to justify the sexual abuse of men and women in Iraq. These were the Dispensationalists. Also known as “Christian” Zionists. So this woman and I started researching this “Christian” Zionist movement, and quickly it led right down the rabbit hole.

It started with a little cult group of cranks in the 1800s, the Millerites. Miller was a scam artist that told people he was a prophet and that the Rapture was happening on such and such a date, so he gathered all his followers and their took off their clothes and climbed up into trees in order to be closer to the sky when the event happened. Of course, it didn’t, and most people left the cult. But Miller just said he made a mistake and set a new date, and his more hardcore followers went through the same routine again, and after the second failure, Miller seems to have just run off with the money.

It's Money That I Love
It’s Money That I Love

This cult still exists; some radio huckster named Harold Camping did the same thing in 1996, and again in 2011. In 2011, his followers were selling everything they owned, giving the money to Family Radio, and camping out outside of his station waiting for D-day. He was asked afterwards if he would return the money – no extra points for guessing what he said.

The Zionist movement was started in the late 1800s by the Rothschild family, which lavishly funded the cause. A few years later, a huckster named Cyrus Scofield published his Scofield Reference Bible, which was a commentary of the Scripture that promoted political Zionism. This was a new religion; a novel and outlandish interpretation of the Bible that went against 2,000 years of Christian teaching and was opposed by the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and all Protestant demoniations, including the Anglicans, the Presbyterians, and the Baptists (real Baptists that follow the London Baptist Confession of Faith, not the “make it up as you go along” Baptists of modern America.) For preachers with little formal education and a lack of Hebrew and Greek, the Scofield Reference Bible – which was lavishly funded and promoted by political Zionists – became a replacement for Christian teaching.

The main heresy it taught was Dispensationalism, which was in direct opposition to the traditional teaching of Protestant Christianity, Covenant Theology. The Zionists started calling the traditional Christian teaching of Covenant theology “replacement theology” and said that the entire Christian church for 2,000 years had everything wrong, but in fact the political Zionists of the 1800s finally got the “right” interpretation of the Bible. Dispensationalism was always associated with the various rapture cults like the Millerites. This novel heresy was basically ignored by the entire Christian church, but found favor among various Pentecostal and non-denominational cults. The only mainstream denomination it ever found favor in was the Southern Baptist Convention, which to this day, has a serious infection of Dispensationalism, although officially the SBC is neutral.

This particular brand of heresy has long been associated with the American Empire. The Rapture narrative itself is an innovation. Virtually all Christians have always subscribed to what is called “partial preterism” which is a belief about Biblical prophesy. Dispensationalism made up an entirely new interpretation of Biblical prophesy tailored to meet the needs of political Zionism and American imperialism.

The Reality Isn't All That Different
The Reality Isn’t All That Different

Interestingly enough, Dispensationalism was popularized with various cartoons. There’s a very interesting history to cartooning. Comic books were essentially a Jewish folk art; famously, Superman started out as a stereotype of a Jewish New Deal superhero. Comic books have also been used to popularize and defend the Federal Reserve System, which has it’s own official series of comic books, and the 9/11 Commission report, which was – I kid you not – also released in comic book form. The attack on the Pentagon was never shown on television, but instead, computer animations of an airliner flying into the Pentagon was shown on TV instead. It’s very odd, but lots of people seemed to remember the computer animation as if it was actual video.

So, whenever something is being sold by means of comic books and animation, it pays to remember this history.

When Zionists delivered a bag full of cash to Harry S. Truman in return for recognizing the Zionist entity in Palestine, there was a major campaign to mainstream Dispensationalism. When Stalin had purged the USSR leadership of many Jews, the Zionist entity in Palestine – which was founded as a quasi-communist state, dedicated to socialism and Marxist through and through – turned against Stalin. The USSR made a strategic decision to support their various Arab allies over the Zionist entity.

Communism and Zionism: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Communism and Zionism: Two Sides of the Same Coin

So the Dispensationalists came up with a new, novel interpretations of Scripture. The atheist communists of the USSR were actually “Gog and Magog” which were going to start a Final Battle against Israel, and American was called by God to battle for the shitty little country against the Communist menace.

Well, it didn’t work out. The USSR fell, and communism and Marxism were utterly discredited. Various leftists that had been proud Marxists and communists started rebranding themselves. The Dispensationalists weren’t sure what to do, as their prophesies had turned out to be completely false.

Well, they got their second wind on September 11, 2001. They immediately changed all of their prophesies. No longer was Gog and Magog the atheist communists of the USSR, now Gog and Magog was Iraq, Iran, and any other enemies of the Zionist entity in Palestine. The entire Dispensationalist movement started raking in money hand over fist with lurid scare stories about “Al Qaeda” and the Final Battle between Muslims and Jews, assisted by their shabbos goyim, American Dispensationalists. The high point was when George W. Bush literally – literally – pranced around on the bodies of victims of the September 11 attacks and yelled through a bullhorn about how he was going to start a war.

Just a few years later, when US forces were raping, sodomizing, beating and torturing women and men in Iraq, the Dispensationalists were the first to excuse and justify it, as they claimed they were fulfilling Biblical prophesy.

Political Zionism itself is nothing but nationalism for Ashkenazi Jews, thus, unobjectionable. But “Christian” Zionism is an actual rejection of the Gospel and the Christian faith. The Church is the “Israel of God” and the promises made to Abraham and the nation of Israel were fullfilled through the Church; Christ was the replacement for the temple in Jerusalem. “Christian” Zionism turns this all on its head, and makes political Zionism a religious ideology.

“Christian” Zionism tends to devolve into what it actually is; Noahchidism – Judaism for Gentiles. It’s a bizarre religion that is 100% incompatible with Christianity. Since it is an absolute rejection of the Gospel, “Christian” Zionists are not just some wayward cult, and not just some heresey – they are not Christians at all.

The Synagogue of Satan, as it were.

Interestingly, there is an older strand of “Christian” Zionism – it’s called Freemasonry, the central figure of which is Lucifer. Zionism was always a terrorist movement, and it was just a few years ago that another “Christian” Zionist – and a Freemason – named Brievik murdered nearly a hundred teenagers in Norway in the name of defending the Zionist entity in Palestine. The Norway Labor Party was just about to nominate Palestine for membership in the UN when the Zionist terrorists murdered their children. The Times Square bombing happened while the UN was meeting and discussing Palestine a few years ago.

The take away is this – “Christian” Zionism is not just some weird cult group, it’s an evil ideology, very similar to communism and in fact created by the same people that created communism. And just like Communism, Zionism is a blood thirsty ideology with a long track record of terrorism, murder, torture, and rape.


45 thoughts on “The Synagogue of Satan

      1. Now let’s notice two things. The vast majority of people did not know that Zionism was a movement, and had no clue that the Rothschilds and Hertzl were planning a future state at the First Zionist Congress of 1896. So when Oxford University Press published and distributed the Scofield Reference Bible, all of the various misinterpretations had no real world implications for most people. So, Christian Zionism was being popularized while the political Zionist movement was starting. So for 50 years the Zionists were promoting these “prophesies” that they themselves were planning on fulfilling, through very human means – terrorism and money. So when the state of Israel was founded, they could point to these prophesies as actually coming true.

        The same tactic is used with the “prophesy” that enemies of Israel will be cursed. Breivik is the perfect example, he was a Zionist that murdered opponents of Israel, thus “fulfilling” the prophesy.

        Another interesting thing is that the entire western “occult” tradition is in fact based on Judaism. What we call “Satanism” is based on the Zohar, the mystical Jewish text. America’s “Church of Satan” was actually founded by a Jew who called himself Anton LaVey – although his real name was Howard Stanton Levey; calling himself “LaVey” was meant to suggest French origin, instead of the typical Jewish name “Levey.” The Church of Satan would have been seen as a Jewish attack on Christianity if Levey was open about his Jewishness. This is how the communists operated, as “Leon Trotsky” was actually named Lev Davidovich Bronshtein, but they didn’t want communism seen as a Jewish movement. So when the communists were busy blowing up historic Russian Orthodox churches, it wasn’t seen as what it was – Jews engaged in attacking the Christian Church in a religious war.

        Freemasonry is Zionist to the core; the entire legend of Freemasonry is about Solomon’s Temple and the eventual rebuilding of it. This will end the “Christian Age” and Jews will rule the earth from Jerusalem. Freemasonry has always been open to Jews, this is why prayers at a Freemason meeting are not supposed to use the name “Jesus Christ” – it’s a civil religion stripped of anything actually Christian – with lots of Judaism thrown in.

        Judaism for Gentiles. A rejection of Christianity, and a promotion of Judaism and Lucifer. So, in a religious sense, it’s literally the Synagogue of Satan.


      2. America’s first “neo-nazi” was a guy named Lincoln Rockwell. He had a Jewish girlfriend and was being paid by the ADL to parade around in a “hate bus” dressed as a Nazi, doing his best to offend Americans – who had just fought the Nazis – and to associate white people, and especially white Christians, with “hate.”

        When the Zionist entity in Palestine was under a lot of pressure after the 1973 war, another Jewish false flag publicity stunt was staged. A Jew named Frances Cohen started calling himself “Frank Colin,” dressing up like a Nazi and saying he wanted to kill all the Jews. He actually said, “Hitler got six million, I want to get the rest.” He paraded around in a Nazi uniform in Jewish neighborhoods, and his Jewish lawyer went all the way to the Supreme Court on free speech grounds. He was covered in the media constantly, being opposed by Jewish protestors that held up signs with the names of the concentration camps they had supposedly be interned in. This is the time that the Holocaust first became known to most Americans, the concept of “six million Jews” popularized. At the same time, Barbra Streisand starred in a famous television movie called “The Holocaust” which also promoted the idea. This gave the Zionist entity sympathy at a time when they were under serious pressure due to their genocide of the Palestinians and their invasions of neighboring Arab states.

        This continued post 9/11. A Jew named Joseph Cohen, who had just returned to New York City after getting “religious training” in Israel, started calling himself “Yoseph Al-Kattab,” grew a big bushy beard, and declared he was a radical Muslim who supported terrorism. He was lavished with press attention, and his act was meant to inflame Americans against Muslims after the WTC attacks.

        He had a counterpart, a Jew named Adam Pearlman from California. Adam Pearlman started calling himself “Adam Gadayn” and started releasing videos declaring jihad on all Americans. The government actually claimed that Adam Pearlman was the “media coordinator” of Al Qaeda, and Osama Bin Laden’s third ranking staff member! When he was outed as being a Jewish Zionist, whose grandfather was actually a director of the ADL, they declared him captured, but then later, revised the story. He just disappeared.

        It continues. The head of the “neo-Nazis” was a guy named JT Ready, that did his best to associate white people with Nazis. He wasn’t even really a racialist, as he married a mestiza. Then we have Matt Heinbach, the guy who started the White Student Union at Towson. He started off as a normal guy promote the interests of white people, but then as soon as he became a media star and got the endorsement of Jared Taylor, he started dressing up like a skinhead and “seig heiling” with neo-nazi groups. He is now a star on the SPLC’s website, as intended.

        This stuff is all false flag; it’s all a show. It’s wagging the dog.


    1. From Flogging Miley 3:

      Operation Dormouse was the plan to cover up Operation Artichoke by feeding Operation MK-ULTRA to the media. Because MK-ULTRA involved some of the best doctors, psychologists, and other researchers at America’s most famous institutions, the CIA would have natural allies in the complicit universities as the scandal played out. But Operation Artichoke was an internal program, and what was at the heart of it had to be kept from the public at all costs.

      Gitmo and Abu Ghraib were just the continuation of Operation Artichoke.


    2. Now notice how the Scofield Bible is written, it has the Biblical text, then an interpretation of the text below it.

      This is a mimic of the relationship between the Mishna and the Talmud, the Talmud being a commentary on the Mishna. It’s also similar to the relationship between the Koran and the Hadith. Both “interpret” the text, but using a system that is not logical, and not rational.

      Imagine how orthodox Jews come up with various schemes to get around their laws; you can’t push a button on an elevator on the Sabbath, so you have an elevator that stops at every floor, so no button is pushed. Using various non-logical, non-rational systems, they can “interpret” the text to mean the exact opposite of the straightforward meaning of the text. Again, it’s not a rational, logic based system.

      Jesus said, “you make the law of none effect” when describing how the Pharisees – using their “tradition” – were actually nullifying the clear meaning of the Scripture. In Jesus’ time, the Pharisees were already using this non-logical system of interpretation in order to get around the law. A key law they were trying to nullify was the Year of Jubilee, in which all debts were forgiven and land returned to its traditional owner. Two of the most famous rabbis, Hillel and Shammai, fought over the Prozbul, which was a nullification of the Year of Jubilee.

      Modern Judaism essentially follows Hillel, which is quite interesting. There’s a famous story in the Mishna about Hillel; a wealthy man had lost all of his money, so Hillel gave the now poor man his coat and acted as his servant by leading his horse around for the man to ride on.

      Judaism interprets this story as an act of kindness by Hillel. What they completely miss is that this story is a vicious satire on Hillel, essentially accusing him of being the lackey of the wealthy classes. Hillel always took the side of the rich, while Shammai always took the side of the poor. Hillel took the side of foreign rulers, while Shammai took the side of the natives.

      What they don’t even seem to get is that Hillel is listed among the many foreign enemies of Israel, while Shammai is listed among the most famous prophets of Israel. The Mishna itself is a witness that Hillel was an enemy of the people, “making the law of none effect” as his opposition, Shammai, was a follower of God! Modern Judaism is a rejection of the Hebrew law!

      Now compare the Scofield commentaries to the traditional Confessions of Faith as used by Reformed Protestant churches, the two most famous being the Westminster Confession of Faith and the London Baptist Confession of Faith. These confessions are agreed upon interpretations of the Bible, based on logical conclusions drawn from the text of the Bible itself.

      “Christian” Zionism is quite literally a non-Christian religion, that nullifies the Gospel using the same techniques that orthodox Jews use to nullify the Old Testament law, and the Talmud uses to nullify the Torah!


  1. This is a great article, explaining clearly many things I was unaware of. I’m motivated to do more research for personal reasons. First, the vile John Hagee is pictured above. I live only a few miles from him and run across his followers constantly. They sure are nutjobs. Then there’s the fact that in my untutored youth I was an admirer of the Armstrongs–Garner Ted and his father Herbert W. I really believed all that Bible prophecy nonsense. As his church disintegrated after his death, Armstong’s followers created new churches that preach Armstrongism. Too much of “the jews are god’s chosen people” to suit me at this point in my life.


    1. @Paladin

      Once you research it, it’s surprising just how fringe all that stuff is. Many of us remember seeing it on TV a lot, there were all sorts of preachers and “Christian” TV shows that made it seem more mainstream than it is.

      But it’s utterly fringe, it only exists in America, no where else in the Christian world, at all, and it’s a very new phenomenon.


  2. HR well done mate, you put into words what I never could, plus I do not have the knowledge of the sickly deranged Zionist Christians, yuck. You can follow this back a couple of hundred years with ease, as freemasons of a certain ilk are now foolish enough to print it on the internet. I have many links if you want to look…plus some other personal knowledge.

    God I’m glad I didn’t join the Freemasons…the red lodge tried to recruit me when I showed interest, but my views scared them off…Good news though the average Freemason age is 70 years in my country so they’re literally dying out, in 20 years most of them will be gone. That is why they’re ripe for a take over from within. Infiltration could bring them down IMO, yet it’s a monumental task and I think we’re too few.

    I now think it’s better that they die from attrition, and we bring to life something new, or what once was.

    Jesus was a Celt, this is no longer taught, and the so called Christian degrees have been Jew washed to be utterly Jew friendly and everything else. This was not always so apparently. It’s true Judaic degrees have always been apart of freemasonry, I believe this is where most of the ideological will to power emerges from within them.

    Keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer.

    You know what confused me so much about Norway and Brevrik, is the fact Norway is, or was the last remaining country that had Christian only lodges, yet converts could obviously join…So maybe that has now changed, along with the complete Judaisation of their lodges and degrees of learning. Another angle, to push this sick Zionist Christian ideology into Norway…

    The mere fact we are now openly discussing this, is proof their power is waning, I believe they are going to find it real hard to play both sides of the fences very soon.


  3. “Interestingly enough, Dispensationalism was popularized with various cartoons. There’s a very interesting history to cartooning. Comic books were essentially a Jewish folk art; famously, Superman started out as a stereotype of a Jewish New Deal superhero. Comic books have also been used to popularize and defend the Federal Reserve System, which has it’s own official series of comic books, and the 9/11 Commission report, which was – I kid you not – also released in comic book form.”

    Glad you mentioned “super-hero” comic books, I used to be just a dumb nerdy kid that read those comics.

    These comics took a neo-con stance during the Bush years but dropped it after Obama became the “chosen one”.

    Its really disturbing, American pop culture is wall-to-wall jewish: comics, TV, Hollywood, newspaper, political movements, the religion,…

    We suffered a stealth colonization by them and a very few seems be aware of this.


  4. A few years later, a huckster named Cyrus Scofield published his Scofield Reference Bible

    He wrote the commentary. Oxford University Press published it. Isn’t that amazing?


    1. and I believe that Matthew Heimbach is simply a misguided youth. There’s a “thing” that happens when people wake up to White Genocide. They want to DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING! They feel frantic even and some of them rush about making the same dumb mistakes that were made before. It’s a shame really.

      I’m not saying that there aren’t Ops taking place but I think you are mistaken about these two men.


      1. @rita

        I don’t know anything about JT Ready, but Matthew Heimbach … I’ve watched him from the beginning. I don’t think he’s a misguided youth. He’s a very intelligent college graduate who has studied these issues. He should know better and I suspect he does.

        I’ll be blunt, I’m not part of their movements, whatever they are. As far as I’m concerned, other than as a parody or troll, anyone being a “Nazi” is a false flag. It’s been so consistent for 50 years, there’s no real excuse for it. There is precisely zero (0) on this blog that has anything to do with Nazis, Hitler, or whatever.

        And yeah – that goes for my prolific poster here that uses “88” in his email. You know who you are. I’m watching you…


  5. Oh come on, in ten years a blog post will claim The Zionists once started a blog where they pretended to be a “hipster racist” so they could associate 9/11 Truth with racism and hitting women.

    The lengthy expose will include predictions of immanent martial law (proven by some topical news story) and several dozen uses of the phrase “controlled opposition”.


    1. @Stubbs

      LOL – the sexy BDSM stuff is just a hook, a gimmick, a lure to get women reading about 9/11 truth. It *is* a conspiracy!

      Actually, that’s all literally true. I only started writing the spanking stories when 50 Shades became a huge phenomenon. I’ve admitted in before, I only added the sex in the story to get people to read. Otherwise, it would just be a boring 9/11 conspiracy that no one bother with. Now? I’ve got 200 women subscribers. 🙂

      Oh, yeah, ma
      Yeah, I’m a back door man
      I’m a back door man
      The men don’t know
      But the little girls understand


  6. Mormons believe that native Americans are descendants of the “lost tribes of Israel”. So, Jews, basically. So Mormons are natural “Christian” Zionists.

    Joseph Smith was Freemason, too. Arthur Conan Doyle, himself a Freemason, wrote “A Study in Scarlet” (the first Holmes story, a novella) and made the Mormons look bad, because Freemasons don’t like how the Mormons ripped off so much Freemasonry…


    1. @Peter

      I’d make a distinction between something like the Mormons, or even the British Israelites, and this movement. Those others are all about “Israel” in the Bible, the “Christian” Zionists are directly related to political Zionism, the Ashkenazi nationalist movement. So there is a significant difference there.

      Also, to be clear, I do not think that Freemasons are relevant anymore. Even Breivik said he was only a member because they were a tradition, and he complained they weren’t political at all. His lodge expelled him as soon as he was caught. The Freemasons lost their power over 150 years ago, now it’s old guys interested in booze and strippers (the Shriners.) They are only interesting historically.


      1. Jews now have direct access and control over the power sources (media, finance, banks, politics,..) they don’t need “useful idiots” that much anymore… Everybody today is a Freemason, even in developing countries like Brazil (trust me, I know).


      2. The ideology as it stands in Freemasonry today is to prevent the mannerbund of the white man and woman forming, yes there are women only lodges as well, The Eastern Star. WW2 was the last political Freemasonry I have read about, and been told of, it was banned there after.

        The red lodge, blue lodge, oriental lodge, The Eastern Star, for every religion and everyone.

        b’nai b’rith lodges, strictly Jews only. It started in England many centuries ago and spread from there. It’s why the AngloSaxon was favoured for so long, you were the main host, alas the Anglosaxons were foolish enough to give the Jews their own lodges to begin with, stupid black balls. It’s why the red lodge is so debilitated today globally. Not only that all American freemasonry is looked down upon from the rest of the world, particularly main land Europe.

        Nationalism for me, and not for thee.

        Africa for Africans.
        Asia for Asians.
        Arabia for Arabs.
        Israel for Jews.
        White countries for everybody.

        Striking similarities of our predicament dah.

        It’s why Jews and Zionism have such cohesion and so many allies. They’ve created the ultimate environment for infiltration, subversion and propagandising, literally brain washing to the elite, from country towns, right up to our bloody parliaments.

        Oh that good.


      3. Actually text brain flash back. The Irish lodges and The Eastern Star were also politically active back in the civil rights era of the 1960’s, they directly assisted the black lodges. Not only that it was the Irish lodges that taught the blacks a limited form of Freemasonry after the American civil war.

        So there was much political leftist activity in the lodges which was rather recent too.


      4. The b’nai b’rith headquarters is in Washington, DC.

        If you look at how the jewish population in the US is distribuited it becomes clear to see how a small population holds a Deathgrip ove the society chokepoints (media, politics, finance)

        NYC, LA, Washington, Chicago, Miami,… The American jewish population is concetrated over those big cities where the decisions are made.


    1. @Matthew

      That guy looks like he could be ethnically Ashkenazi, but if so, he’s likely very mixed with Europeans.

      Christianity is what it is, if an ethnic Ashkenazi converts to Christianity, he’s a full Christian, regardless of his ethnic background.


      1. He was instrumental in subverting various classic Church of Christ practices at a largish Church of Christ congregation. Instrumental music in worship services, females as communion servers. Probably more I don’t know of.

        What is that word for Jews who “convert” to Christianity, yet try to undermine it? Marranos?


  7. “Another interesting thing is that the entire western “occult” tradition is in fact based on Judaism.”

    Dear Sir, I consider your claim uninformed and will write a monograph to disagree in detail.

    I hope we can agree that Judaism originated no earlier than 950 BCE. If so, then the issue under dispute is whether we can document a Western occult tradition earlier than that time.

    Yours sincerely,


    1. @zhai2nan2

      I take your point, but I’m not going back much before say, the 1700s. It’s not a subject that particularly interests me. It’s just the modern, Western occult tradition such as Israel Regardie, the Golden Dawn (not the Greek political movement) the Kabbalah, etc., are based on the Zohar.


      1. I don’t want to derail the thread too much.

        Certainly the Zohar is a very important text, but to detail its many offshoots might take a long series of posts. It’s a worthwhile topic, but it’s a big topic, and I assume most readers don’t want to “drink from a firehose” of information.


      2. @zhai

        Feel free to do an info dump on this thread. It’s an interesting topic. I admit, my comments were pretty shallow about it. I know quite a bit, but I’m no expert on the subject.


  8. “Another interesting thing is that the entire western “occult” tradition is in fact based on Judaism. What we call “Satanism” is based on the Zohar, the mystical Jewish text. America’s “Church of Satan” was actually founded by a Jew who called himself Anton LaVey – although his real name was Howard Stanton Levey; calling himself “LaVey” was meant to suggest French origin, instead of the typical Jewish name “Levey.” ”

    Dear Sir,
    I don’t dispute that Jews in the USA and UK publishing houses have played a disproportionate role in shaping the materialistic, consumeristic “New Age” merchandise business. My claim is that Western occultism is a form of Western spirituality, just as qigong is a form of Asian spirituality.

    For reference:

    I think you will see a great deal of pre-Jewish religion on that page.
    Yours sincerely,


  9. False flag or not, the question is – are they doing good or not. As you’d be the first to say, the battle is a battle of ideas and images, a soft power war. White rabbit Radio, Mantra, and so on, are what help Whites.

    And when a Heimbach delivers the right message (which he does), he is doing good. Millions of white men read pro-White blogs and comments under media articles and this helps them in two ways: (1) being able to articulate what’s wrong plus what needs to be done, and (2) realizing that they are not alone. When they read about a White Student Union and get Heimbach’s message second-hand which he in turn gets second-hand from alt-Right bloggers), a collective White consciousness forms.

    And the stages of Red Pill realization are well discussed in this neck of the woods. Anger is always a phase we go through. Sieg heiling for effect, as a minor element of one’s style, can go along with that as a kind of impulsive act of defiance.

    If it turned out that Roissy was a feminist false flag all along, because he associated anti-feminism with racist commentary, then , well, so what? he did good even on anti-racist MRA terms.

    To me, the signs of a harmful false-flagger to watch out for include (1) a steady stream of demoralization wrapped around a putatively pro-White message (such as Whiskey), or over the top Nazi porn.


    1. And when a Heimbach delivers the right message (which he does), he is doing good.

      I don’t think sieg-heiling is delivering the right message. He’s associating white interests with an unattractive and fringe subculture of fanatics that like to play dress up and are purposefully offensive and hateful. That’s no different than the Klansmen who posed before the cameras and yelled, “we hate niggers, we hate jews, we hate gooks.”

      That *IS* the message, and it’s not helpful, it’s hurtful, intentionally so. I don’t “hate” Blacks, Jews, or Asians.

      I’m white, and I’m pro-white. I have no connection to the skinhead culture, neo-nazis, the KKK, or any other such group. Heimbach was delivering the right message – until he stopped delivering that message the second he got popular, then he started delivering the wrong message. He is obviously smart enough to know exactly what he’s doing.

      I would point out that the Counter Currents crowd has a lot of serious, historical discussion about the National Socialists, Germany, etc., and do it without dressing up in costumes and screaming obscenities. Pat Buchanan has written serious books about Germany in WWII. That is far and away different than dressing up like a skinhead, waving around Nazi flags, and seig heiling.

      the battle is a battle of ideas and images, a soft power war.

      Exactly, which is why the Mantra, BUGS, and White Rabbit radio are so effective. And why Heimbach is no longer effective, but in fact, a detriment.


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