Guess Which Video Is Offensive?

When going to youtube and clicking on this video, there is a warning:

“The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as being potentially offensive or graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.”

“All Around The World Everybody Knows (White Countries For Everyone)”

This video has not been identified by the YouTube community as being potentially offensive or graphic:

“Jesus Is A Bastard”

All sorts of violent and sexually explicit videos are found on youtube that are neither blocked nor censored, so clearly this is about ideology, and nothing else.

When Google bought youtube a few years ago, they instituted a censorship campaign. While the rules were never stated openly, it didn’t take too long to figure out what they were. Positive portrayals of white European people were considered “offensive” while negative portrayals of Jewish people were considered “offensive.”

Any negative portrayal of two groups were ruthlessly banned, deleted, censored or blocked by youtube:

1. Jews
2. Homosexuals

Every other discenable group was fair game, particularly:

1. Whites
2. Christians
3. Blacks
4. Mestizos
5. Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.)
6. Heterosexuals
7. Muslims

Positive portrayals of only one group was considered offensive:

1. European-Americans (i.e., white people.)

One amazing incident of censorship was a video by a liberal Jewish American who had traveled to Tel Aviv and interviewed Israelis making racist, anti-black comments about Obama and Muslims. The video was swiftly banned.

Considering that Google is a Jewish company, founded by two Jewish men, I guess it makes sense. But this censorship campaign can only be seen as what it clearly is: Jewish Supremacism, where Jews were immune from any negative portrayal, while Whites were banned from any positive portrayal. While this censorship campaign is not nearly as strict as it was a few years ago, and many videos now slip through the cracks, it appears that any pro-white sentiment is still deemed as “offensive” by youtube.


One thought on “Guess Which Video Is Offensive?

  1. Good. The Anti White hatred of Anti Whites is rapidly becoming obvious, even my the most determined of White Refusniks. White Refusniks are the Whites that are still bitterly clinging to the Anti Whites memes, created by Jews.

    The clock is ticking….


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