Bad Advice

An excellent discussion is going on at Mind Weapons in Ragnarok about the Deep State. Linked is this very good article at Especially pay attention to the three “nodes” of the Deep State: Washington, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley. Bill Moyers, being a media whore, seems to gloss over that other node, Hollywood, not just the LA movie and TV business but the NYC TV news nexus as well. While Washington and Wall Street have been around for a long time, Silicon Valley, in its current state, is really only 20 years old; it’s the internet. Notice also that while the Silicon Valley companies pose as libertarian, free market capitalists, their cozy relationship with Washington – and Wall Street – is anything but hands off.

Booz Allen Hamilton is a perfect example of the the privatization of the Deep State; a management consultant company, its business is the business of government. Half of its employees have security clearances. It’s the new way of doing business, by outsourcing, you remove a lot of the buearacracy and accountability that would otherwise weight down the Deep State. Also of note is that the Tea Party is causing serious heartache in Washington by threatening the budgets of the private firms that actually do the state’s dirty work. It’s all well and good to talk about a limited government when the cuts are to welfare and social programs for the poor – and white nationalists are easy to rile up by the fact some of that welfare goes to non-whites – but it all pales in comparison to the share of national wealth that goes to the wealthy classes. Just a few years ago Americans were up in arms over bankers and their tax-payer funded bonuses, but now the sheeple have moved on to the latest Daily Outrage, likely something to do with Obama. The left put on a parade called Occupy Wall Street, but it collapsed into fringe counter-culturalism and warmed over communist rhetoric from the same cast of Ashkenazi Jews that it’s always come from.

If you’ve ever worked with people who have security clearances, one of the first things you’ll notice is how ordinary they all are. The first time I visited the home of a high ranking CIA official as a kid, while their house was quite impressive to this middle class suburban boy, they were utterly ordinary people. The average CIA official is not ultra-wealthy, one of the best parts of the great film Wag The Dog is the commenet that the Hollywood producer lived in a mansion that was far and away bigger than the White House and the wealth of a typical movie mogul was far greater than the average DC flunky, even the wealthy ones.

The main complaint of the white nationalists is that the people of America – white people – are being replaced by an invasion of foreigners called “immigrants” and that these non-whites are in fact priviledged over the citizens of our own country. Why this is is a complex issue, but at the end of the day it boils down to a simple thing – the average American is, to put it bluntly, a moron. Hopped up on HFCS factory phood and literally brainwashed by hours of watching TV, most Americans live in a trance, a virtual reality of sitcoms and soap operas and TV “news” that is little more than propaganda for Wall Street, Hollywood, and Big Business. The fact that Hollywood is owned by the hostile YKW elite gives it an anti-white animus, but the YKWs are in fact a small minority, and even with their oversized share of the wealth, they would have no power without their White collaborators, and more importantly, their shabbos goyim willing to do their bidding for nothing more than some cash and a pat on the head for kissing up to Yahweh’s chosen people.

You’re supposed to honor your father and mother, but that is a difficult commandment to follow considering that it is the previous generation – the so-called “greatest generation” and their baby boomer kids – that got us into this mess, and are the main obstacle preventing us from fixing this problem. It’s very difficult to have anything but contempt for the older generation. The old fogies were called the “greatest generation” mostly becaue they voluntarilty slaughtered themselves and their brothers in Europe because FDR showed them a bunch of movies about the Nazi Menace. Their kids – the spoiled rotten Baby Boomer generation – turned the entire culture into a miscegenating brothel of birth control pills and drugs, they, in turn, raised their kids to be bonobos. It’s easy to laugh at the “pick up artists” – and surely they are a laughable bunch – but they would simply not exist if baby boomer fathers and mothers had not raised their daughters and granddaughters to be unpaid prostitutes. While some admirable women are trying to do their duty and raise this generation of women right, most baby boomer women were unpaid prostitutes themselves and are hell bent on making sure they are never even slightly criticized for it. Most old ladies are contempible idiots, doubling down on the idiotic second-wave feminism of their bra-burning youth, nursing their envy and jealousy of men because their husbands read a Playboy magazine or flirted with a stewardess. You’re supposed to raise your kids to have it *better* than you did, but that idea is seemingly lost of the older generation. They called them the TV generation for a reason.

But at the end of the day, women don’t matter. They should, in fact, be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen raising children and grandchildren and otherwise not interfering in the affairs of men. But as bad as the old bitches are, no one deserves our contempt more than old men. From the greatest – read stupidest – generation to their baby boomer sons – it’s men – White men – that are the most to blame for our current situation. It still to this day amazes me that White men watched, on live TV, as the Twin Towers were blown up in an explosion, and they decided to believe that a few gallons of kerosene was the cause. White men – especially, the conservative, non-liberal White men – engaged in a fantasy of a world wide Muslim conspiracy called “Al Qaeda” and willingly and voluntarily gave up whatever rights they had left as they cowered in fear of a bunch of ragheads with boxcutters. There really is no level of sheer and utter contempt that is too much to feel for these people.

Essentially, we are orphans. Our parents generation were not killed by that newly invented electronic weapon, the TV, but their brains were killed by it. The competed with each other over who would welcome their daughters fucking non-whites and which white granfather would love their half-breed grandchildren the most. They bragged that their infertile, slutty daughters were wearing pantsuits and slaving away for Fortune 500 corporations. They were proud of their sons getting their arms and legs blown off in foreign wars for the 1%. They gladly gave up their own religious traditions for the idiocy of Rapture cults and Jew-worship. Like Boxer of animal farm, their only response was the double down and work harder at being an idiot.

Most men are by nature slaves. The saying has it: death before dishonor, but most men would gladly choose dishonor over death, and we save our greatest contempt for those slaves that love their slavery and worship their masters. At the end of the day, there is no hope. The masses of asses will never “wake up” so there is but one thing to do – use the slaves the way they want to be used. You do not free a willing slave, you simply become his master. Since the average American white man is a contemptible coward, he must be treated as such; treat him as a willing tool to be used for whatever your ends may be, frankly, being a slave by nature, he will be happiest when he is being used as such. Don’t bother to tell him the truth, he won’t listen anyway, as he is only comfortable beliving his pet lies and living in his particular fantasy world. You have no choice but to treat his equally cowardly sons as cannon fodder and hired help, and to treat his daughters as the disposable fuck toys they were raised to be.

I urge young white men – those in their 20s and 30s – to drop whatever they are doing, find nine other white men who are not total idiots and losers – preferably your friends – and essentially start your own conspiracy. Do just like the mafia did, initiate your mannerbund with blood, literally cut your fingers and mingle the blood as a symbol of loyalty. Literally actually murder one of your own if they ever betray you. Lie, cheat, and steal to get what you want. Find old baby boomers and sucker them out of their money. Get involved with crime and blackmail a local business owner when you find out about his affairs or criminal activities. Threaten their children, blow up their cars, rob their houses, ravish their daughters, beat them for fun. Become a police officer, work for a private prison so you can help any of your boys caught from the inside. Learn how to hack computers – not so you can troll blogs or deface websites – do it so you can steal money and disrupt your competitors.

All’s fair in love and war; remember that your victims would gladly and willingly victimize you and the only thing stopping them is their own cowardice. As the famous experiments showed, the average man would gladly electrocute you to death if he was told to do so by an authority figure wearing a white coat.

Look around the poker table, if you can’t see the sucker – you’re the sucker.

The world is not ending, the economy is not collapsing, the race is not going extinct. Things will go on as they always have. There exists in the country a class of intelligent wealthy white people living good lives, they are called the upper class. Don’t be a fucking communist trying to “level” things – instead, aspire to be in that class, by hook or by crook. If you can do it legally and peacefully, do so. If not, use violence and deception. God helps those who help themselves.

Every once in a while I post my articles on reddit, as it gets you a lot of hits. But I never read there for very long, because it’s so damned depressing. There are hundreds of thousands of young white men reading reddit that are fucking experts in … comic books, video games, obscure Japanese cartoons, and other such garbage. Sometimes I honestly think it would be fun to murder one of those white men, just on principle alone. Just to set an example.

Anger is an energy.

5 thoughts on “Bad Advice

  1. I dig it, dear fellow. I do not advocate violence, as ZOG will nail us faster than some ghetto Knock Outer, punching some old White woman to death.

    We must do what we must do on the QT.

    Race is the only thing that matters. But so many Whites are such willing slaves, that I only care about the Awakened Whites,. that do right by our own kind.


    1. This is more of a rant than anything, and why I titled it “Bad Advice.” I’m not “advocating” anything, much less violence. Plus, I am no spokesmen for the “white nationalist” movement such as it is.


  2. I still don’t know what reddit is hey. I try to avoid things like that, since I discovered a place called topix years ago, you’d get heaps of hits and trolls from that place too…Though there may be some marks in there with power you could use. Example was your most popular post, with heaps of comments, then you had Feminists writing, “How to break a feminazi.” or something like that. Remember? I wrote “How to break Nordic feminism.” as a comment From memory.


    1. From a technical standpoint, Reddit is my favorite website, the ease of use and features are really amazing stuff, web wise. It’s the audience that sucks so bad. It used to be cultural Marxist central, although they have toned down some of the far left liberal politics somewhat, as it was interfering with profits.

      It’s a perfect example of the “long tail” as any sort of fringe interest or group has representation there, and those numbers can really add up. I got almost 10k hits from that Feminism article – still gets at least 20 new viewers a day. That was pretty funny, because it was just sort of a rough consensus of what the “manosphere” is always talking about. None of it was original to me, in fact, it didn’t even really represent my views all that much. (All the silliness about women only having sex with 20% of the men is nonsense.)


  3. Wooooo! Badass. I feel proud or something.

    I think this is your best recent work. Too long though. I’m American and I have a short attention span.


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