Little Eichmanns

Fahrenheit 911 has to be one of the best political propaganda films of all time. Michael Moore comes from a old and storied political tradition, that of urban, educated liberals posing as blue collar rural workers. All Michael Moore needs to do is smoke a cigar and he would be a perfect representation of the people his targets while himself being one: a fat, rich white guy. He was a somewhat well known professional liberal before Fahrenheit 9/11 but it was that film that put him on the map. It punctured a hole right in the the War on Terror propaganda of the Bush administration. It was very nearly censored. You had the President openly telling people to “watch what they say” and there was some in depth news coverage of the political fight between the administration and the Jewish moguls that ran the film studio that would release it.

As soon as Bush was installed into the Presidency, the South Park creators made a TV sitcom parodying him and his family called “That’s My Bush.” The first concession made was to drop the character based on Bush’s daughter. It would likely cross a line to portray the President’s daughter as a slutty party girl on prime time TV. But after just a few episodes were made, the show was cancelled and locked away for 8 years. One can imagine what it would have been like if the show had been on from the beginning of the Bush administration to 9/11. It’s sort of astonishing the type of censorship that was allowed in those days.

Most people in America actually seemed to believe there was a shadowy group of Muslims called “Al Qaeda” hiding out in towns across America waiting to strike. This group had highjacked airliners with box cutters and gotten past the US Air Force, NORAD, the FAA, the FBI, the CIA, the DIA, and all of the rest of the multi-trillion dollar security apparatus of the World’s Only Superpower.

What was always so funny to me was listening to average white men, especially the conservative types, some with military experience, all of a sudden becoming experts on Islam and Arabs. People would say things like, “let’s rub bacon grease on our bullets to send the Muslims to hell” and “let’s nuke Mecca” apparently quite seriously. Everyone was trying to out-do each other in patriotism, waving bigger flags, in what had to be the most grotesque display of government worship imaginable. Bush was being praised by everyone, he went from being derided as a half-bright religious crank to an awe inspiring War President. The conservatives would always say, “thank God 9/11 didn’t happen under Al Gore, he would have already surrendered.” Even the liberals and Democrats were praising Bush, that anthrax from Fort Dietrick sent to the Senators and tabloid editors seemingly convincing them. The military and its various offshoots were given carte blanche to do whatever they wanted and got as much money as they asked for. The liberal, Democratic opposition’s main complaint was that Bush wasn’t killing enough ragheads in Afghanistan.

So Fahrenheit 9/11 shows up just before Bush’s reelection and turns the tables. Everyone was taking Bush very seriously, everyone was taking the War on Terror very seriously. Our troops were dying in Afghanistan fighting the terrorists. Then Michael Moore comes along and, on film, essentially says “suckers!” and shows how phoney the whole thing really was. While they were able to steal the 2004 elections, Bush was politically wounded and went into a popularity and credibility slide that would reach its nadir in the economic crash of 2008, one last looting spree before the outfit was taken out of power. There were even stories in 2007 of the Bush family buying land in an South American country with no extradition treaty. Fahrenheit 9/11 start the ball rolling, and gave the political, liberal opposition to the Bush regime a language to criticize with.

Immediately, the critics praised one aspect of the film – it didn’t show the 9/11 attacks themselves. Instead, the films just blanks out and you can hear the audio of planes crashing, explosions, and screams. It makes for a good dramatic moment for a film, but it side stepped one of the major controversies of the previous 3 years – that of the World Trade Center towers, being demolished, one after the other, and the demolition of World Trade Center 7. The TV censored much of it, the planes crashing were shown over and over again, but the actual demolition of the towers was seemingly not shown very often.

It became an Official Story that everyone had to mouth, even though many people knew it wasn’t true. Dissent on this issue was simply not tolerated in the public culture or in the media. The left and the liberals policed themselves rigorously on this issues, “conspiracy theorists” were unwelcome because they would lose the elections. The Democrats were merely upset that Bush wasn’t winning the war fast enough. The Bush administration wouldn’t even do an investigation of 9/11. One really has to wonder if the rumors were true, that the forth plane was supposed to hit Congress. This would have left the Bush administration’s shadow government – the Continuity of Government plan from Oliver North’s time – with full dictatorial control of the federal government.

If such a thing had happened in Russia, or China, or a Latin American country, it would be called what it was – a coup. A State Crime Against Democracy. Whatever the details, the Bush administration “did” 9/11, and were in fact the only people with the ability to do so. It’s obvious why dissent on this topic is so suppressed, but the more interesting question is how. How, for 14 years, has this singular event in modern American history become taboo to question. The term “9/11 Denier” was thrown around enough times to suggest that questioning the Bush administration’s version of this event seemed somehow equivalent to “holocaust denial.”

People turn to religion in times of stress, and American religion made big money off of 9/11. Many books and tapes sold, many auditoriums filled, and many collection plates brimming. The conservative churches, especially, incorporated the Bush administration’s version of events into their religion itself. 9/11 was a sign of the End Times, Osama Bin Laden the anti-Christ, and Israel must be protected at all costs, with the blood of your children if necessary.

It’s still taboo say this obvious: the Bush administration did 9/11. This simple fact is censored from the media still 14 years after the event. It goes along with many of the other censored truths. One can suppose the JFK assassination had a similar kind of censorship from the media, but 9/11 was a much bigger deal.

How is it obvious facts, such as the fact that the WTC was blown up in a controlled demolition, become so supressed? How is this censorship maintained? Outside of the United States, the facts are hardly controversial.

For those conservative minded people struggling to understand why we now have a foreign President with a Muslim name, you can only understand that when you understand the previous President and his aggressive, multi-cultural, multi-racial regime. The Republicans bragged at the time that Bush had the most diversity of any cabinet in history. Condaleeza Rice was the show piece – a three-fer – a black lesbian woman. Bush went out of his way to tell us our war wasn’t with Islam or the Arab people, and how many peaceful Americans were Muslims. The left protected the Muslim religion from official and social sanction, petty much the exact opposite of what they had done with Christianity. The US was, in fact, liberating the Middle East from an oppressive form of Islam, thus freeing women to go to school and gays to marry. Muslims were the real racists, even! In the hilarious lyrics of the rapper Paris, “even niggas waving flags like they lost their mind.” Just as the US desegregated in some part due to the Communists’ effective “anti-racism” propaganda in the third world, the US Empire needed to be sufficiently multi-racial and multi-cultural to maintain a truly Global Empire.

The Empire expanded to the Middle East and Central Asia. We had chased the Soviets out of Afghanistan in the 1980s, which led to the collapse of the USSR, then took it ourselves.

The internet is bypassing the mainstream media and allowing a new form of group consensus. Issues that are taboo and censored from the official media find a huge and participating audience online. It’s enough of a threat to the powers that be that the NSA itself is paying trolls online, and thanks to Edward Snowden, we even have a nice power point outlining their plan. So, 9/11 makes a nice litmus test. If some online personality seems good on a bunch of issues, but insists that 9/11 revisionism is out of bounds, you have to ask – why? Why draw the line there? Why the need to distance the group from “truthers?” The best possible scenario is a weakness of character, a fear of social stigma of some kind.

What is so amazing about the political left is how they painted Bush – a scion of an international political family from Maine – as some rube, some redneck. Bush was supposed to represent the racists, the unreconstructed segregationists, the intolerantly religious, the regressives. Yet the Bush administration was none of those. But his support came from just those people. The next Republican president will likely be Hispanic, as whites become more and more marginalized demographically and politically, and impose amnesty. Obama was chosen because the Empire needed a colored face with a Muslim name. Empires are multi-cultural and multi-racial by nature. As long as white men continue to serve as willing footsoldiers for the Empire, it will thrive until the white are gone.

8 thoughts on “Little Eichmanns

    1. I figure that Clinton was heavily involved in Bush’s Iran-Contra, which allowed him to contest Bush for power. Also, Bush Sr. lost that three way race between him, Clinton, and Ross Perot. Does anyone remember Ross Perot dropping out because he said the Bush outfit was threatening his daughter, suggesting they would assassinate her at her upcoming wedding? Perot seems to have gotten into the race specifically to derail Bush, they have some sort of enmity going back to their days as Texas businessmen.


    1. In many ways, the cover-up is more interesting than the crime itself. It’s a case study in how taboos are maintained in society. The Michael Moore film in many ways pulled a lot of punches, but it was still so controversial it nearly didn’t get released.


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