Meet Noam Chomsky, Academic Gatekeeper

James Corbett is one of the best independent journalist and has done a lot to help popularize whistle blowers Susan Lindauer and Sibel Edmonds. In may ways, you can see Alex Jones as sort of an “anti-Corbett.” While Corbett’s stories are often considered “fringe” and mostly censored from the mainstream press, it’s all well sourced and delivered straight without the drama, hijinks, and comedy of Alex Jones. Jones has always been sort of a mixed blessing – while he has covered angles of major issues usually censored from the press, but he has always done so in a somewhat self-discrediting way, using purple prose and paranoia mongering placing him squarely in the “entertainment” category, as opposed to “journalism.”

In this video, James Corbett deconstructs Noam Chomsky. Chomsky was *the* leftist celebrity of the 1990s, building quite an academic and student cult around his hundred plus books, a perfect example of the “Jewish guru effect” as described by Kevin MacDonald. Chomsky’s critique of US and Western imperialism. It was surprising to a lot of people on the left that Chomsky went out of his way not just to distance himself from 9/11 truth, but to actually attempt to discredit the movement, using all the typical tactics in play at this time: labels like “crazy” and “conspiracy theory” but most importantly, painting the entire movement as a waste of time, even going so far as to say it didn’t matter who did 9/11, as people get killed all the time, and the US kills more foreign civilians than terrorists kill American citizens anyway.

Chomsky is part of the long history of Jewish leftists in America attacking the “WASP” and white establishment, while pulling punches on his own newly powerful ethnic group, Ashkenazi Jews. He’s always had a great way of cutting through a lot of the imperial rhetoric and putting current issues squarely in term of the self-interests of the powerful involved. Corbett takes a look at how Noam Chomsky built up a huge amount of political and social capital among the left, and how he chose to spend that capital towards the end of his career – by fully endorsing the Bush administration’s account of the September 11th attacks and joining the chorus of his fellow secular Ashkenazi Jews, like Bill Mauer and Jonathan Stuart Liebowitz (“Jon Stewart”) in attacking the 9/11 Truth movement.

7 thoughts on “Meet Noam Chomsky, Academic Gatekeeper

  1. Your recent articles really express a different side of you, and one that is unique and necessary to this movement. I’m pretty impressed.

    Why you have to be such a dick to women, and to me, I’ll never get.


    1. No Harley, I haven’t been a dick to women, I’ve been a dick to feminists, both male and female, mostly, because in every case their first posts, and most following, were nothing but insults, profanity, ad hom, and attempts at shaming tactics.

      If you will notice, I’m actually quite polite and welcoming to women.

      Consider: you’ve been tossed off of a number of pro-white blogs, due to your fanatical feminism and constantly calling people “misogynists” but I’ve never censored you.


      1. Please name the pro-white blogs I’ve been tossed off of.

        You use shaming tactics and insults and profanity, etc., in your battles with women you don’t like.


    2. Also, I don’t see how the recent posts were in any way out of character. There have been three themes on this blog since day one: 9/11 truth, mockery of leftism, anti-whitism, and political correctness, and BDSM comedy.

      I’ve never pretended to be a Republican, a conservative, and certainly not a neo-con. Just a good old fashioned racist and sexist.


  2. Jews are very good at self-promotion, they always try to create cults around them. Many gentiles worship Lenin and Trotsky as Christ.


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