If You Were NSA What Would You Do?

NSA is recording every phone call around the world, and they have long been spying on the top leaders of the military, the State Department, Wall Street, and the Supreme Court. Every phone call, every email, every contact, location data, purchase records. They are able to review all the data at will, at any time from the beginning of the spying to the current time.

The current director of the NSA is Army Four Star General Keith b. Alexander and the NSA answers directly the Secretary of Defense who in turn is appointed by the President. NSA has a half-military, half-civilian structure and is exempt from federal employment guidelines, able to fire any employee for any reason or no reason.


If you were Deputy Director of the NSA, and had real time access to any information about anyone in the world, including other government officials, how would you use such information for your personal and political goals?

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