Not Cool: The Hipster Elite And Their War On You

So I’m looking at the search terms that lead to this site, and this shows up: “Not Cool: The Hipster Elite And Their War On You.” A quick search led to a book written by a “Gutfeld” that defines “hipsters” as pointy headed liberal environmentalists that block your commute to work with a protest sign while you’re just trying to participate in the capitalist system in order to raise a family and keep ‘Murka safe from the terrorists. The Hipster Elite has made it so trustafarians are oppressing Honest Capitalists. It’s like a low rent kosher version of Radical Chic. The cool Democrat lobbyists are not inviting the less cool conservative Republican lobbyists to their much cooler parties, cause that’s where the sex positive Greenpeace interns hang out, presumably.

Of course, Glenn Beck is providing “Gutfeld” with the platform to sell his book.

It shows you the bankruptcy of the conservative/Republican movement that a) they are jealous of lefty nutjobs and b) that the Glenn Beck audience will read this book, think of some obnoxious college lefty that they know, and think they are being oppressed by anti-pollution laws.

Conservatism is just the liberalism from 20 years ago.

A Gutfeld slogan lets you know exactly where he’s coming from: “Gutfeld proposes building a gay bar next to the WTC mosque.”

That will show them terrorists!

2 thoughts on “Not Cool: The Hipster Elite And Their War On You

  1. So-called conservatism is anything but conservative. But conservatards will continue to allow themselves to be taxed to death so non-Whites around the world can conserve and promote THEIR culture. And conservatards will continue to send their young people off to war to preserve their FreeDUMB.


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