2 thoughts on “Baristas are the Ultimate Male Fantasy

  1. You like to say that there is a class of Whites who live traditionally on sunlit uplands — they are known as the upper class.

    Something that’s been an uphill struggle for me was selling the case for liberalism being bad for upper class whites too, it’s just that they have more (temporary) layers of insulation.

    My arguments rely on the notion that immigration and anti-White policies also pollute their environment. Even leaving aside any vulnerability they may have to crime of daughter mudsharking (even the Rothschilds aren’t immune to that), there is the simple idea that you want to to rule over whites, not over browns.

    What is more pleasant: pretty white teenagers serving you in the Martha’s Vineyard bar, or Jamaicans? Or take Dominique Strauss-Kahn: wouldn’t he’d rather have had a strawberry blonde waiting in his room, not Oomfufu? And hell, they like to stroll the Central Park too. Even if feral blacks are pacified, do they really wanna hear Dominican rap as they stroll by?

    Cynical examples, but they hit on their habitat.


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