Sadism is self-actualization.

Sadism is self-actualization. It is the high point of humanity. It is the ultimate female turn on. It is the highest status marker. It is the hobby of the powerful. Sadism is the highest ideal of human nature.

The Marxists end up being correct. Capitalism is rapacious because rich capitalists will unleash their sadism upon society and their fellow man. It also means stay the fuck away from alpha males and rich people for your own safety.

Politicians are monstrous and terrifyingly dangerous. Dictators like Hitler and Putin are will use their power for their own sadism. — Hellspawn Troll

Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. — Henry Kissinger

9 thoughts on “Sadism is self-actualization.

    1. Depends on your view of humanity I guess.

      Calvinism says humans are by nature depraved.

      What is the similarity between the murderers of Channon and Chris, and say, a drone controller, and what are the differences?

      If I said “music is the highest form of humanity” would an objection be that Snoop Doggy isn’t “the highest form of humanity?”


  1. Then it’s fair to say that statements to the effect of some one thing being “high point of humanity” are meaningless.
    Like “the egg is the high point of a cake.”


  2. Hey hipsterracist,

    Here is something for you. Found this link at (
    Titled “Guy trolls tinder using a male model…results are about as red pill as it gets”

    It is a a post from ( titled “Trolling using Francisco Lachowski pics on Tinder” in the Misc. section of the forum.

    A guy, using Tinder, puts a pic up of a male model. He almost immediately asks the women for sex and their number. He just straight up asks are you dft- down to fuck? Guess what? The women are down for it. The thread contains screenshots of their short conversations.
    For someone like me, who was raised religious, it is surprising. I’ve been reading the manosphere for awhile so I shouldn’t be surprised, but seeing the screenshots of the women’s responses, and the women’s faces, is just….

    Maybe you could do some posts about this. For some guys, especially religious guys, it still is quite shocking to see.


  3. Here are some comments from page 27 of the bodybuilding forum thread:

    “Lol thread just proves women are as shallow as men and lie to themselves and others such as “I just want a nice guy, I don’t care how he looks” to cover their true slootness”

    “They do want a nice guy, just as much as we want a nice girl. But they do like to f*ck hot guys, just as much as we like to f*ck hot girls.”

    “I think this stuff can come as a shock to those of us who have grown up with the idea that girls are somehow more innocent than men. The reality though as this thread shows is that girls want to bang on call but only with a male they deem attractive.”


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