3 thoughts on “Working On My Sexism and Racism & A Reminder This Whole Blog Is Fiction

    1. Oh, looky here. This is now her second post. She’s the type that gets real real pissed off at the “sexism” – probably especially all the rape stories and spanking scenes – and shows up at the blog to do that projected masochism thing -“oh, just kill all the women right? Oh, we’re so worthless, just a sex toy to be beaten and tied up in the kitchen, right?”

      I really do seem to attract these types. Like moths to a flame, feminists tend to be attracted to the most sexist, misogynist, and violent men. Funny that.

      Hey kiwi, like the little cartoon profile pic. The glasses, it’s very, well, hipster isn’t it?

      So, Miss Kiwi, you’ve been a very naughty girl…

      *removes belt*


      1. I’m honestly more pissed off that my profile pic didn’t show up because I missed a letter in my e-mail


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