NPI Should Just Start Writing Me Checks

NPI should just start writing me checks. I know you people read this blog.

He even name drops TheRedPill, the reddit subforum that yours truly pioneered this bit of anti-feminist entryism on. The Dark Enlightenment may have started with human bio-diversity but that was so much eggheaded theorizing among liberals and patting their Asian and Jewish friends on the back for how smart they were compared to the “non-Asian minorities.”

You see, once you start the segregation, it all falls into place. The typical White Knight Nationalists just misunderstood everything. You get a bunch of conservative white pseudo-Catholics together and it’s “joos are the debil” complete with rhetoric that would not be out of place at a Nation of Islam rally.

But you get a bunch of horny young men together – leave the ladies at home, please – commiserating and asking the age-old question, “what do women want?” and it’s only a matter of time before they give the age-old answer: “who cares?” Then they look around and see Tyrone, Juan, and Chaim all have their eyes on Cathy Whitebred, just like they do. All of a sudden it’s not just sex segregation that is obvious, it’s all those other kinds of segregation too.

Hence, the development of Heartiste in the last few years. One kind of “realism” leads to another. Pretty soon all that sexismracismantisemitismophobia starts to seem, well, cool. Ahead of the curve. The next big thing. You know, hipster.

Let’s not forget that those losers at Counter Currents actually published some woman trolling about “gamers” and how white men need to “man up” and marry her, because she was through with the bogan with the “missing tooth” she had spent her pre-wall days riding. You know, the CC crowd needs to take women allies wherever they can get them, because it’s not like they have any clue about romantic relationships with women (cough.)

Yours truly, Hipster Racist, once again ahead of the curve, calling the trends, making the bold predictions, and going where no white man has ever dared to go. When I said, “sex precedes race” a while back at MWIR, TabulaRaza missed the point. I’m not saying that men of all races should be loyal to each other vs. the women of all races. Not at all. It’s just that the sex differences precede the race differences, and in fact, sex creates race.

If it’s a war, if we’re really fighting genocide, well, you don’t send women to war, do you? Well, communists do (USSA *cough*) but we neo-reactionary right wing nutjobs clinging to our guns, Bibles, and pirated copies of Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out don’t.

So, shamelessly stealing the idea from the Counter Currents types, the mannerbund is the proper tool for fighting this war. They are the guys who will fight it. It’s the non-married, non-family men – especially the young and hungry boys – that will lead the charge, as it were. If they win, they get the spoils – booty, white wimminz, Cathy Whitebred. If not, well, we’re all in for a world of hurt.

Now, this is sub-political, this is cultural. As far as mainstream politics go, WN has nothing of interest to say. You vote against anti-white policies and you vote against race replacing immigration. If you can’t do that, you may as well find something else to occupy your time. Be the last man as opposed to the new man. Or whatever.

Yeah I was red pill before it was popular, Richard Spencer
Yeah I was red pill before it was popular, Richard Spencer

17 thoughts on “NPI Should Just Start Writing Me Checks

  1. Ah, Mac Davis. Have you been lurking on Gucci Little Piggy and seen me linking to “Baby, baby don’t get hooked on me”?


  2. They are the guys who will fight it. It’s the non-married, non-family men – especially the young and hungry boys – that will lead the charge

    Leadership will likely come from family men. Young and hungry boys have the energy and the reckless risk-taking (I remember myself as one), but they wont keep the eye on the prize–because they can’t see it. A young and hungry boy may do Mannerbund, or he will do antifa.

    Family men have the discipline, the vision, and the long-term orientation — and the personal investment — to provide the necessary guidance. It can be as simple as coaching little league or a high school sport, and dropping red pill knowledge on boys at the right time.


    1. Other than the BUGS/Mantra crowd, which created an effective rhetoric for white interests, WN did nothing but fantasize about Red Dawn, declaring a New Deseret in the North West, and preaching RaHoWa. Even in the bad old days of WN 1.0, Pierce and Duke, for instance, were not family men. Pierce was a monk with a Russian mail order bride from what I understand, and Duke is some sort of womanizer. As F. Roger Devlin said, the men who created and nurtured Western civilization were quite often celibate (as in, not married, not necessarily chaste.)

      It was the obnoxious, trolling, aspie young white guys – online – that broke the leftist rhetoric finally, with the thin wedge of feminism, because it was hitting them where it hurt – right in the nads. It was the Christian divorced men who got dragged through family court and had their churches support the divorcees that created the MRAs, duly declared a “hate group” by the $PLC.

      Happily married guys have too much to lose. The upper middle class is the last place where marriage is still a thing, and it’s the upper middle class that is precisely on board with the globalist agenda, because they are the winners, for now.

      I would say the happily married guys can provide guidance, but not leadership.


  3. The typical White Knight Nationalists just misunderstood everything.

    “Erica” was the SS marching song, and the melody/lyrics were also used by Finnish and apartheid SA militaries. Erica is a flower, “heather” in English.

    The soul of the White man seeks the sublime; eros is one name for it. A longing of the soul for the divine. This abstraction has to be represented by something corporeal, and sometimes that corporeal something is the feral female.

    Women are half-angel and half-devil though, and in societies in which by necessity an organizing principle places a lot of demands on the female, the women show themselves at their best.


  4. Not at all. It’s just that the sex differences precede the race differences, and in fact, sex creates race.

    Technically subspeciation preceded sex differentiation, though the male sex did precede the Aryan race.

    Muh autism.


    1. Do you people actually read what I write or just want you want to read? I specifically said that I’m not suggesting we have a team man vs. team woman. That’s feminism, or the MRAs. That’s not what I’m talking about. I spelled it out, even. I’m talking about a division of labor.

      White women don’t care about the white race, for a few reasons. First, women don’t care about abstractions. Second, she cares about her own “race” as it were, her children, whatever color they may be. It’s the men that have to prove themselves, that have to earn it. Women simply are. Their value is passive.

      Oh, I know feminist women hate this concept. I’m totally objectifing women here. I am “reducing” them to a uterus. A mature woman would strive to be something other than “just a uterus” but denying that importance, that value, simply because you didn’t earn it just makes it worse.

      So, you had the family values WN men writing long essays online for years and years, playing defense when they weren’t jacking off to Red Dawn RaHoWa. Then, along comes a bunch of aspie nerdy guys trying to learn to “game” women, and what did they do? Well, they figured out “race” all by themselves, without having to be led. As you can see, Radix, the WNs, and the rest are now using entryism among the red pillers. The old family values married guys were leading, all right, but no one was following.

      Hey, I’d rather have my ideas spread among these red pill young guys than the My Little Pony fan club – yes, that’s what Counter Currents suggested, that our ideas might spread among My Little Pony fans, the guys that watch that show and are into the cartoon horses.

      I’m suggesting young and hungry guys on places like TheRedPill are a far better target audience – and look, they already figured out everything on their own. That’s what I mean when I say sex precedes race.

      No, Patri Archie, white men cross the color line far more than women do. White women tend to be the most “racist” of any demographic group when it comes to sex. I love to bitch about women, obviously, but you can’t fault them for that. The history of white men in the New World show clearly who likes to cross the color line. We have blacks and browns in South America divided up into fractions of whiteness; it was white men, not white women, that did that.


      1. I know this is an old post. But I want to chime in.
        I would say that the my little pony guys from 4chan are red pill. “Omega” nerd red pill but still red pill.


  5. Where is your proof that sex differences precede race differences?

    The irony about you HR is that you echo the feminists in your supposed loathing of them…or perhaps because of it. The above sentiment is precisely what the feminists, mainly jewish, used to divide Whites.

    I became truly racially awake when I realized the truth is just the opposite; race differences will and always have superseded sex differences, if not in every instance, then in every macro-situation.

    Diversity Cult hates White women (I think even more than White men but let’s not quibble). You feed right into their PR machine with your assertions. NPI doesn’t need to supplement the salary Diversity Cult probably pays you.


    1. Diversity Cult has given white women affirmative action for the past 40 plus years. Diversity Cult has been having sex with white women for decades, and that sex has been increasing. Diversity has been marrying white women for decades, with white women increasingly marrying non-white men. Save your nonsense for someone else. The Diversity Cult loves white women. And there have been plenty of white women who love the Diversity Cult.


      1. White women were part of Diversity Cult for a period. They didn’t steal anything from White men through AA; average test scores at traditionally all-male colleges rose significantly when women were admitted. White women earned their way, sorry dude.

        In the long run, however, the partnership was ill-fated for White women. More often when a black woman couldn’t handle the competition for a job, for instance, with a White woman she’d sue and voila, the corporation could say they filled the AA slot for black and female in one person. Black and jewish women absolutely won out in that deal. Jews were already privileged compared to White women and when black women went on the aggressive they knew who the more vulnerable target was.

        I’m early middle-aged and I don’t know one White woman, including feminist, of my generation way into the mid-30’s who so much as dated anything but a european man (I often reserve ‘White’ for anglo celts as they are the most hated and even sometimes in the minds of jews and blacks the only ethnicity considered white). Where is your proof that we’ve run off with Diversity? I’m calling BS.

        What is happening and increasing is a tension between White women and Diversity Cult. More and more DC can’t hide it’s contempt and hatred for White women and their empty rhetoric is being seen by us as just that – empty rhetoric designed to lull and manipulate us. TBH, the disaffection between White women (here feminists) and DC started way back in the 80’s.

        The liberals are having to deal with the hate crimes against White women committed by blacks, hispanics, etc. and they are hanging themselves, saying the FBI stat that said White women get raped by blacks around 50 times a day is merely a White woman’s ‘feeling.’

        The war has officially broken out and if White men truly wanted a better life for their people they would fight with us, not against us.

        Trying to place sole blame on women for how we became a house divided in terms of men v. women only lessens any chance we still might have for preserving some decent future and way of life for ourselves.

        Own up to the reality that White men were never saints and that as a people Whites just got entitled, lazy and complacent (and manipulated).

        The way you and HR talk, it sounds like you really should form an all-male union. You don’t need us, so why not just start a Male Nationalist movement…take *your* nonsense elsewhere.


      2. “White women were part of the Diversity cult for a period”

        Yeah, thanks for agreeing with me.

        There are more white women now than ever having sex with black men. Many of these white women won’t marry the black men however. They will marry some sucker white guy. If you walk thru malls and grocery stores around the USA, you will see the young black men and their caucasian girlfriends and/or hookups hanging out together. It is there for everyone to see.


    1. No, you just need to allow young white guys to get together and talk about things without having women show up and try to “tame” them. It would be completely natural for a bunch of young white guys to team up for various things. Why this concept is so damn controversial I have no idea.


      1. When a woman comments in the comments section, there will often be 10-20 male responses. That quickly adds up. So just a few females comments could result in 50 plus comments from guys trying to correct her. The entire comments thread then becomes all about those few female comments. The whole comment section is derailed by the small amount of female commentators. The male commentators, for whatever reason, can’t stop themselves for responding to the female commentators.


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