Michelle Malkin Explains How Liberal Democrats Are The ‘Real Racists.’

So Steven Colbert – who used to be funny back in the Bush administration, before his schtick went from courageously thumbing his nose at the powers-that-be to sucking up to the same powers-that-be once the parties changed, is in trouble for being a “hipster racist” because he sarcastically accused Republicans of being racist because the owner of the Washington Redskins started a charity for “Native” “Americans” in order to curry favor with ethnic interest groups upset because “Redskin” is not as politically correct as “First Nations.”

So Colbert jokingly starts the “Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever” and Asians – who clearly lack in the humor department – call him a racist – a “hipster racist” no less – and demand his show be cancelled.

To the rescue comes Neo-Con Geisha Michelle Malkin, a petite little yellow fever married to a you know who, to explain to us that it’s the liberals, like Colbert, who are the “real racists” because they make lots of racist jokes when they are ironically trying to portray the conservatives as racists.

It’s just round and round with these people. The Tea Party is “racist” because it has too many white people in it, it’s not diverse enough. But bringing diversity to the shitty little country is of course 100% Hitler. Their racism, ok, your racism, bad – even if, especially if, it’s cool and hipster.


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