High School Harlots 6

So when I was a virgin I had three girls hit on me, and me being a clueless young boy, totally didn’t get it. I mean, there were lying in bed with me, essentially begging me to make a move on them, but for whatever reason I just didn’t get it. I kind of did like these girls, but I was a virgin and not really sexually awakened yet.

So I was in this little rock band and we’re having practice over at the drummers house, and since he lived really far away, we were all spending the night. So I am sleeping on the couch, and his sister – a fucking super hot “10” if there ever was one – literally comes over to me and lays down on top of me. I found the whole thing kind of embarrassing honestly.

Then there was my very own Eve, a hot little redhead, that offered me the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil – in the form of blotter acid – which very much blew my mind. We’re sitting on her sofa downstairs and she asks me to stroke her hair. I was like, “what the fuck?” Then she told me I was doing it wrong.

Then there was this red headed girl named Steph (hmm this may be a pattern) that used to sit next to me in class. One day for whatever reason she started drawing on my hand, and then gave me a “hand massage” which actually felt really good. She lived just down the street from me. So she invites me over to her house one day. We are actually lying in bed and I’m not doing anything. I dunno, I thought you weren’t supposed to have sex until you are married, and I thought girls only had sex with guys they really liked.

Well maybe a year later, after I had cashed in my V card and plowed my way through a little harem of high school girls, Steph finds out that I had broken up with my girlfriend so my friend – a totally natural “alpha” that had pussy following him around wherever he went – talks to Steph on the phone and basically tells me, dude she will fuck you if you invite her over. So I did.

It was a disaster. I was tripping my balls off and couldn’t get it up. It’s funny, crazy bitch had an ex that evidently had trouble getting it up sometimes and would tell her it’s her fault for whatever reason, and whenever we would start to have sex, she would always just grab my hard on and smile and say “oh, you’ve never let me down in this department” in a kind of sexy way. Then, once when I was on acid I tried having sex with my girlfriend but nothing, totally limp. LSD just doesn’t mix with sex for me.

So Steph was wearing this perfume that just triggered the wrong thing in my brain. So I’m messing around with her and I just could not get it up. She actually cried. Oh man I felt so bad. It had to be the worst sexual encounter of my life. She had been crushing on me since junior high and her one chance and she felt like she just couldn’t do it. I felt terrible, embarrassed, not really sure what to do.

So then there was this town a few miles north of us that was basically a very wealthy area and all the rich high school girls went there. So I met this girl Debbie from up there. We were sort of doing a 69 but I was just fingering her while she sucked me off. I could fell the little earthquakes coming over and over again. She was really wet and really turned on. So after doing this for a while, I flipped her over and start fucking her doggy style and smacking her ass really fast. She goes crazy moaning. I probably rammed her for 20 minutes non stop, as hard as I could, and she was this tiny little thing probably 5 feet tall and maybe 100 pounds. I just pounded away, dripping with sweat, while she has her head in the pillow just moaning. Fuck it was hot.

Then there were these two little white trash girls that my buddy and I literally just picked up off the street. They were just walking down the road at night and we pull over, offer them a ride. So we drive to my house, these girls get into bed and start showing off essentially. My buddy and I pretty much thought we scored a jackpot. We fuck these girls on my bed right next to each other.

But as far as I can tell, from my own personal ethnological research, it’s the daughters of the upper middle class to lower end wealthy classes that are the absolute sluttiest girls of all. This one girl was like 15, didn’t even have a drivers license but always stole her dad’s SUV, and drove me over to her place where we fucked around for hours while listening to the Cure. It was sweet and romantic really. She was a redhead too. Redheads make me go nuts, always have. I’m a total sucker for them.

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