6 thoughts on “Wondering If She’d Changed At All, If Her Hair Was Still Red

    1. The beginning scene is from The Wind that Shakes the Barley; they’re all scenes from movies about the irish’ struggle.

      The irony that probably eludes you:

      Your rage is like a fist in my womb.


      1. What did I do now? I just can’t win with you Harley, as soon as we start getting along you drag up some past argument and throw it in my face again.

        Women! So difficult.


    1. That’s awful, that girl was unbelievably pretty.

      I think this is a UK thing, I’ve never actually heard of any white people with some sort of thing against redheads. In the UK the “ginger” thing is some sort of real hazing they do, presumably related to the Irish I would guess.

      I realize it’s not really appropriate but I just have no choice but to link this video:


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