Happy April 19 – OKC Was An Inside Job

It probably had more to do with Iran Contra than it did with the Waco Siege. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” — Voltaire.

As far as the Frazier Glenn Miller shootings a few days ago, some wag on OD posted these questions:

Why …

1. there were no ambulances whatsoever at the scene of the KC murders

2. there were so few cars in the parking lot for a JCC which supposedly held auditions featuring ‘hundreds’ of kids, most of whom were below driving age

3. there were no photographs of the inevitable mass of parents who would have driven to the scene to check on, collect and desperately hug, their kids

4. there was no footage of the schoolyard where Miller was supposedly apprehended, even as there is some of him being taken into a squad car and ‘heiling Hitler’ so

5. would Miller have opted to go peacefully after having allegedly shot three people, and after having survived three years in federal prison, which he is alleged to have detested (wouldn’t everyone?), and after having done two tours in Viet Nam

6. wouldn’t there be footage of the various interviews with rabbis, staff, escaping teens even if it would have meant waiting for a few hours for a story that’s made front pages for days

7. would any normal mother be holding a press conference within 24-48 hours in which she evinces no signs of shock, but instead makes a sober, restrained but emotional paean for all to be happy her baby (and to any normal mother a 14 year old boy is still her baby and always will be), went to heaven, after watching him get shot to death

True, or not? Who knows? This guy Frazier Glenn Miller – who people call “Rounder” for whatever reason – seems to be a federal asset since day one, all the way back when he started his Costume Clown Parade Party. Just another in a long line, along with “Commander” Rockwell, Frances Cohen, Adam Pearlman, Joseph Cohen, Jacob Rubenstein, Lee Harvey Oswald, the DC Sniper (Caught Like a Duck in a Noose) and pretty much any and every terrorist act in modern US history. Back a few years ago, even the mainstream press like the Washington Post and the New York Times had to admit that virtually all of the “terrorist plots” uncovered by the FBI during the Bush administration were, in fact, being organized by the FBI. When there are no real terrorists, you have to create them yourselves.

Don’t worry, the public will believe it. Sheep are most violent when some fool tries to save them on their way to the slaughterhouse. Don’t be a hero, just enjoy the mutton.


2 thoughts on “Happy April 19 – OKC Was An Inside Job

  1. Good stuff, HR. The FBI is our secret police. They are involved in virtually every turrist attack.

    How many years until this is realized by the public, I don’t know.


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