5 thoughts on “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On

    1. OK Harley, you’re a girl, so I’m going to go easy on you for some of your cheesier videos, but here, the cheesiest most mawkish love song I remember as a kid, but I still like it. Good grief, I am so not hip anymore. Get off my lawn!

      BTW, you totally date yourself, as well as “locate” yourself as a North Easterner with some of that music. If everyone is drunk singing, you can always tell where people are from by which old timey cheesy songs they sing. Southerners will pull out some sort of outlaw country while the Yankees are always doing Frank Sinatra or Barbra Streisand or something similar.


      1. Did you delete my first reply to this comment?

        Don’t be so linear and maybe you’ll get how I’m tweaking you on purpose.

        Sigh. Men can be so obtuse.


      2. I was a little kid in the 70s, so I become sentimental with both outlaw country and yankee schmaltz, not that Streisand or Sinatra were really schmaltz, but I guess much of the 70’s were…

        The other thing is, pop 80’s music sucked. Only alternative was good.


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