Chipster Racism

Well we all know that the Nipponese Imperialists, religious fanatic suicide bombers worshipping their Emperor as a god, sided with the Hitler Nazis Who Killed Sixty Million Jews in the Holocaust, so it should come as no surprise that these Slant Eyed Racists would do a racist anti-white minstrel show, mimicking what they perceive as “whiteness” and appropriating the cultural capital of Peoples of No Color.

Try to contain your outrage as these Asian bigots shuck and jive dressed up like White Girlz in their tawdry, racist mimicry. What next, dying their hair blond and speaking “Valley Girl” while squeezing their eyelids to make them “round?”

Like, gag me with a spoon that’s raaaysis!

No, my name isn't John and I don't like cheese sandwiches, bigot.
No, my name isn’t John and I don’t like cheese sandwiches, bigot.

In this era of multi-culturalism and increasing globalization, there is simply no place for the age old canards against the diverse European people. It is simply unacceptable for a racial majority like Asians to put on their caricatures of European people, going so far as to appropriate authentic European arts and music like late 20th century teen pop.

Only when Asians learn to become multi-cultural and bigoted, backwards attitudes like these are eradicated can the Asians learn to join the Global Community and participate as equals with love, peace and harmony.

Sorry, Hirohito, your skinny jeans do not make you "down with the 'hipsters.'"
Sorry, Hirohito, your skinny jeans do not make you “down with the ‘hipsters.'”

h/t ozarks12

8 thoughts on “Chipster Racism

    1. Clearly the Koreans have not yet learned to be multi-cultural. Let’s deploy some Emergency YKW over there stat!

      We should get Steve Spielberg to make a movie about the horrors of the Korean Slave Trade. Maybe have one of their African servants defecate in their fried rice. It’s the only way to be sure.


  1. I feel bad Korea, after the Japan they suffered a attack from the a double attack from the judaic religions, Christianity and Marxism.

    The first Kim of North Korea was a devout Protestant.

    Japan mighty be the only country in the World that never fell pray of the Yahweh Master Race.


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