Kliph Scurlock Accuses Wayne Coyne of Racism and Abuse in Detailed Account of Firing From Flaming Lips

A Gawker report (since corroborated by Scurlock) explains that the drummer was dismissed after criticizing one of Coyne’s close friends via Facebook for wearing a Native American headdress in a controversial photo shoot. The wearer was Christina Fallin, daughter of Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin.

Sexy Hipster Racist Chick
Sexy Hipster Racist Chick

I know a girl who thinks of ghosts
She’ll make you breakfast, she’ll make you toast
She don’t use butter, she don’t use cheese
She don’t use jelly or any of these

She uses vaseline
Vaseline, vaseline

I know a guy who goes to shows
When he’s at home and he blows his nose
He don’t use tissues or his sleeve
He don’t use napkins or any of these

He uses magazines
Magazines, magazines, magazines

I know a girl who reminds me of Cher
She’s always changing the color of her hair
She don’t use nothing that you buy at the store
She likes her hair to be real orange

She uses tangerines
Tangerines, tangerines, tangerines
Tangerines, tangerines

Coachella 2013 Week 2 Day 1

The Flaming Lips – She Don’t Use Jelly


Daryn Belinsky
Twing Twang String Band

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Reddit or Stormfront? (h/t The Manboobz)

Mandatory BDSM Reference

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