Alpha Fucks & Beta Bucks 2

As long as women do this, men have no choice but to try to be the “alpha fucks” and not the “beta bucks.” Notice that this women dumped her husband, had a one month affair with a “blue eyed blonde haired” man – without birth control – that she described as good in bed, and had his kid. She admits to lying to her husband saying the child was his, even though he knew it wasn’t, but she got back together with her husband because the other guy had “nothing” (but good genetics) while her husband was a solid beta provider with “insurance.” Notice that she asks for sympathy by mentioning that she “lives with this every day.”

The woman doesn’t seem the slightest bit guilty about what she is doing either. Your humble correspondent is shocked – shocked! – I tell you, unable to imagine such a thing. Ah well, it is what it is. More white babies, at all costs.

Btw, my offer to WN women everywhere still stands – if VB can get away with it, so can I.

I was told, by both a male and female commenter, it’s better to just let sleeping dogs lie.

This is why I have written some extremely controversial articles about men and women and even veer towards “manospherish” type sentiments at times. Feminism posits – falsely – that men have oppressed women throughout history until Jewish women saved the goyim women from slavery at the hands of the Evil White Patriarchy. It’s flattering to women, and gives them a built in excuse for any bad behavior at all. Men tend to have a “white knight” attitude towards women in general. Believe it or not, we really like it when women are happy and don’t like it when they are sad.

But women are people – just people – and they can be as selfish and evil as men. It’s just that no one coddles men when they act badly. No one is afraid to call out a man when he abandons his wife and children to take up with his 24 year old secretary. But when women do it, everyone makes excuses for them.

This is why, when we play White Nationalist Sim City, I’m always harping on the Mannerbund. Since feminism destroyed regular monogamous marriage – i.e., women married young, as virgins, and didn’t divorce – we have to come up with some other solution. Since men are genetically expendable, sex integration hurts men the most.

One thing I will disagree with much of the manosphere is that being a male slut isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be. Many man-whores would have gladly settled down with a nice young virgin in a traditional marriage. But when 60% of girls lose their virginity before high school – to sleazy hipsters, no less, horrible men who make them do degrading kinky things in bed – well, what’s the average man to do? Do you want to wife up the sloppy seconds of a sleazy hipster? Likely not.

The men of the Mannerbund should just take multiple wives/women anyway. Once you have one, it’s easier to get more. As for the betas desperately hoping to get a few minutes in the warm hole, well, learn game. Read Heartiste. All that stuff is true, and it “works” – but chances are when one of the bad boys comes sniffing around “your” lady – well – the blacks have dealt with this situation longer than whites have. So in the immortal words of rapper Ice Cube – “you better check your kid for your DNA.”

Just for the record, I only deflowered one, possibly up to three, virgins. The rest of the women were sluts, like me. So I didn’t really ruin all your daughters single-handedly, just a few. They were all more than willing, by the way. They lined up, in fact. It is what it is.


8 thoughts on “Alpha Fucks & Beta Bucks 2

  1. “Blood doesn’t make someone a real father – do you know that?”

    That’s the depersonalization of men, and it shows how little she actually cares about genetics – well, how little she cares about the genetics of her husband. Alpha fucks, beta bucks. What makes someone a “real father” is how much he provides for the woman.

    Now, providing doesn’t make her want to have sex with her husband, nor to have the actual children of her husband. She knows that the alpha fucks has better genetics, and he’s the one that “deserves” to reproduce.

    But he’s not the “real father” because he is, actually, the real father. The “real father” is the guy that “provides.”

    Once you understand the thought process …


  2. (

    I[26 M] caught my live-in girlfriend[24 F] of 5 years, cheating on me with her coworker.

    My girlfriend and I have known each other for 7 years. We’ve been going out for the past 5 and living together for maybe 18 months. I flew a few states away for work and have been gone for the past week. My flight was delayed because of weather and I told her I would just stay the night. But on impulse, I decided to catch the red eye and then drive back through the morning. I figured it’d be a nice surprise.

    I pulled up and noticed another car in the driveway. It didn’t really sink in; I just thought it was odd for how early it was. I come home late pretty often, so I’m good at getting in quietly. Walked in, unpacked my dirty clothes and put them in the hamper, then went to the bedroom. They were both in bed, only partly covered by the sheets. I didn’t recognize the other guy immediately. They were both asleep, and I don’t know how long I stood there. It didn’t compute.

    After I recognized the guy in bed with her…..I woke her up and told her I was going to a hotel. I think she was too sleep groggy to get it at first, she as smiling for a little bit before remembering. She got up and was starting to talk and cry but I just tuned her out. I grabbed some spare clothes and got out. I turned off my phone before I left the driveway.


  3. Continued….


    Read the email she sent me

    Cried for a bit because she was pretty blunt about it. It wasn’t the first time they’d slept together, and she didn’t try and say there were extenuating circumstances or anything. “I wasn’t drunk or stoned. He didn’t coerce me. I was flattered when he hit on me. He’s very attractive man that could probably sleep with lots of women. So for him to choose me was very special. It was a chance to satiate my enormous ego.”

    She said that she’d understand if I wanted her out of the house and out of my life. She thanked me for not called her a whore or a slut or etc “even though I am”. She said that I didn’t have to stay in a hotel, that she’d be out of the house in the morning and that she’d leave her keys there. Then she apologized for “destroying you trust in me and betraying everything we had.” If I never want to talk to her again, she said that I don’t have to. “I can’t do anyting that would account for what I’ve done. No apology is enough. I was selfish and arrogant and deceitful for no other reason than I wanted to be. As much as I want it, I don’t deserve you forgiveness. I can only still ask because I’m a hypocrite. I’m sorry.”

    Just reading this is making me cry again.

    End of story

    Alpha bucks. Beta bucks.


  4. (

    One of the best replies in the comment section.

    Thing is, that “genuine” apology would never have been written if she hadn’t been caught. She only “owned” her actions once she had, literally, been caught with her pants down. Had he not come home early, he’d still be happily in a relationship and she’d still be happily fucking someone behind his back. Her apology is worth very little.


    That is a great comment.

    Alpha Fucks(With an F). Beta bucks.


    1. Ah yes, Tania Head. I’ve written about her before. I suspect she was an operative sent to “steer” the surviving families in a certain direction. Notice that they media appointed her as the “spokeswoman” for the victim’s families. Hardly a coincidence.

      The actual victim’s families were all “truthers” of course. They were the ones that forced the Bush administration to even have a 9/11 Commission – the Bush admin didn’t even want to investigate.

      Such a blatant and obvious cover up, I’m routinely disappointed at how utterly gullible Murkins are.


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