Racist Hatred Against White People Leads To Mass Shooting

The news is trying to downplay the racist motivations of Elliott Rogers, but his own words show his racial hatred of white people and white, “blonde” people in particular. He called blonde women “sluts” and white men “obnoxious brutes.” I wonder if 40 plus years of YKW Hollywood movies contributed to his race-hatred of white people?

It’s likely that the shooter was influenced by the anti-white race hatred of the left in general and specific anti-white activists like Tim Wise and the “white privilege” social justice warrior types. They preach hatred for white people, justify genocide of white people, and cheer at the idea of the “white race” being “destroyed.”

So is it really a surprise that a mentally unhinged half Chinese man decides to put all of the anti-white hatred he’s been taught into practice?


Killer’s Manifesto Mentions Hatred of “Blondes” 62 Times and Describes White people as “Enemies”

Fair-haired white people—and blonde white girls in particular—are “the enemy” and all should be killed—this is the core message of half-Chinese mass murderer Elliot Rodger’s online manifesto which is being deliberately suppressed by the controlled media—in stark contrast to their coverage of other incidents which involve white perpetrators.

In the document … the theme of his obsession with, and ultimately hatred of, white people, and blonde girls in particular, is a dominating theme. The word “blonde” appears no less than 62 times in the 142 pages.*

In addition, his obsession with blonde girls, their unobtainability for himself, and his subsequent hatred of all white males and females, is the single most dominating theme of his “manifesto.”

There is, therefore, no reason for the media to ignore it—except for their obvious desire to disguise the vicious anti-white racism which is the true motivation for the mass murder spree.

Instead, the media has deliberately focused on his sexual obsession and his failure to interact with women generally—and has completely suppressed any mention of his overt racism and hatred of whites.

However, in his manifesto, Rodger—whose mother is a Malaysian Chinese woman—makes plain his obsession with white people from the very beginning.

h/t New England Millennial

3 thoughts on “Racist Hatred Against White People Leads To Mass Shooting

  1. I didn’t believe that a revolution or even a 2n civil War could happen in the US but everything is going in this direction.


    1. This anti-white hate crime will be covered as an “anti-woman hate crime” fueled by “misogyny” and the killer – who is half Chinese and half Jewish – will be described as a “white man.”


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