Smash Petriarchy! #YesAllCats

#YesAllCats because we were “asking for it” when we got chased by dogs. #petriarchy

I need felinism because I shouldn’t have to look both ways to cross the road to avoid being killed #Yesallcats #victimblaming #roadkillculture

Because cats of size are sexualized through heavy petting. #Yesallcats

#YesAllCats Fur-traitor! She’s a handkitten to the Petriarchy!

#YesAllCats because 0% of CEOs are cats. You read that right – 0%. We need af-fur-mative action – NOW.

“It’s a dog’s life”. This phrase is offensive and must be banned because it’s species-centric #YesAllCats

BanCatty! #yesAllCats

#yesallcats because the media pushes an uttainable standard of feline beauty. All cats deserve love regardless of fur

#YesAllCats Because the idea of a police cat/attack cat makes people laugh. Your internalized speciesism disgusts me.

Not every dog harasses cats, but every cat I know has been harassed by a dog. Every. Single One. #yesallcats

#YesAllCats because no one is ever called ‘crazy’ for having 20 dogs.

Because we as a society have decided it’s okay to post cats’ pictures on the internet without their consent. #YesAllCats

Fight Meow-sogyny! #yesallcats


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