“News”, the Great Distractor

Neoreaction in The Diamond Age discusses a very important topic, yours truly.

Sanity in The Diamond Age

Hipster Racist has one of the most amusing blog names around, writes a lot of 50 Shades of Gray-esque porn and believes 9/11 was an inside job. Or says he does. He also presents a series of posts full of facts about how the USG, CIA and a cast of thousands experimented with drugs, hypnosis and other mind control techniques for decades. This part of the presentation is so well-documented elsewhere, so old-news and so, well, mainstreamed, that we don’t think about it too much these days. I mean, all that LSD dosing is just historical, now. Our government, under the control of good liberals like Barack Obama (and George Bush and Bill Clinton) would never continue to experiment with mind control, in these enlightened days. That went out with the Cold War.

I’m sure.

The thing about the internet is that beside its utilitarian goodness it’s also…

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4 thoughts on ““News”, the Great Distractor

    1. Glad you liked it.

      You know, I think the latest word from the GOP hacks is that “9/11 truth is a thing and we have to deal with it.” The best they can do is ignore it, when questions come up, they just have to wave them off. This is a change from the feigning disbelief and attacking questioners, calling people “crazy” and the like. It’s just too big now.

      I assume the trial balloon for the new strategy was the Tucker Carlson/Alex Jones interview about WTC7.

      So, we’ll get polite dismissals instead of personal attacks. It’s progress I suppose.


  1. Nothing works better than personal attacks, Saul Alinsky is the teacher of the Neocohens and Kosher Liberals.


  2. Mosul, Iraq second largest city has been overrun.. Murka lost both Iraq and A-stan… The Neocohens have been fully discredited.


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