Why Women Shouldn’t Vote

Well, the first thing to ask yourself is, what is voting, and why should anyone vote? Of course, voting is the way the state is controlled. Men vote for other men to “represent” them in the government or vote on actual policies in a direct democracy.

Why were men given the vote? Mostly, it’s a peace keeping measure. The idea is that if men can vote for who controls the state, they are less likely to form gangs and armies and destroy, fight, or take over the state.

Well – what is the state? At the core, the state is an institution of men with a monopoly on violence. From the local police that enforce traffic laws, to the Special Ops teams that shoot rebels that won’t pay their taxes, the state is basically a bunch of armed men, following the orders of the people that men voted for.

So at some point, some totally “beta” men listened to these outlier women – “feminists” we call them now – who whined how unfair it was that women didn’t vote. Many women – perhaps the majority of women – were extremely skeptical of this idea. They thought it would demean women to get involved in the nasty business of politics. Politics is something that men do and the state is itself an organization of men. Most women really didn’t want to have any part of it and were very suspicious that women voting would upset the balance of power between the sexes and lower women’s status.

Wise women, they were. Along with democracy came an idea of “limited government.” Since the state is a monopoly on violence, violence is its major tool. So, in order to *minimize violence* the state is only supposed to get involved in very specific things.

Women, being different than men, have no understanding of this. Since they don’t staff the state where it counts – the guys with the guns, handcuffs, and expectations they will shoot other men, run into burning buildings, and give up their seat on the lifeboats – they have no intuition why limited government is necessary. So the vote left – liberal – and to expand the power of the state, oblivious that what they are doing is expanding the realm where the monopoly of violence is acceptable to use.

So, we now have a Leviathan State that numbers and catalogs us when we’re born, forces us to use certain drugs on ourselves and our kids, and is intimately involved in every aspect of our lives. Women just vote in their own self interest – the way men do – but since they aren’t really a part of that group of violent men, they just don’t have the intuition that men have, that this monopoly of violence has to be very, very limited, otherwise, you live in a police state, a tyranny.

Well, surprise surprise, we gave women the vote and they voted to expand the power of the state and now we live in a imperialist tyrannical police state – one that is now involved in intimate aspects of our lives and so intrusive that some Christian florists aren’t allowed to *NOT* participate in “gay weddings” or whatever trend the women have come up with.

It is a self-correcting problem, usually. The state will grow large and cumbersome, and then start to disintegrate as other factions vie for power. That is, unless technology has made it possible for one small group to enslave the earth through technological means, which is a real possibility for the first time.

All this happened because we thought it would stop women from bitching if they got to cast a vote for President. One thing is obvious, the Presidents started getting better looking as time went on. A while back someone posted pictures of the last five presidents when they were young. While George H. W. Bush may look like a creepy old man with an unsettling smile to us now, go back to his college days, and the guy was pretty much a stud. With think of President Ford as some bumbling fool, but he played college football and was quite the looker. The ladies went nuts for him.

So, let women vote and we’ll be ruled by particularly good looking and cruel tyrants. Which, if you think about it, is actually an arrangement that quite a few women feel perfectly comfortable with. We didn’t give them the security of the iron fist in their personal lives, so we all have to suffer in our public lives.

Makes sense, that’s why they call it “women’s suffrage.”

9 thoughts on “Why Women Shouldn’t Vote

  1. Oh, HR… not all women vote liberal. There are few smart ones out here who think just like you do. But I do like how you can wrap up a piece with such a loaded title with a laugh at the end.


    1. Mel,

      Don’t worry, my next piece is “Why Men Shouldn’t Vote.”

      Personally I’m just against the whole idea of democracy.

      wrap up a piece with such a loaded title with a laugh at the end.

      I swear I’m not a troll.


      1. *sigh*

        If I had more energy, I promise, I’d offer you some delightful debate right now, Sir. Or perhaps even agree.

        But I’m pregnant, and the state of politics and government makes me want to cry, so I’m going to avoid it, today. Forgive me?


      2. But I’m pregnant, and the state of politics and government makes me want to cry, so I’m going to avoid it, today. Forgive me?

        Hell I’m not pregnant and it makes me want to cry too!


  2. The wisest women I know are against women’s suffrage, but aren’t advocates of unilateral disarming either. For now they just assign their votes according to their husband’s.


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