2 thoughts on “Asian Women Are Just So Much More Feminine Than White Women

  1. Just in case it isn’t clear … I’m a huge fan of Adele. This video is hysterically funny, some moronic fat Asian-Murkin lesbian “performance artist” dancing around in butter and falling on her ass. Some wag added the Adele song to it which just makes it funnier. And the title is a dig at all those loser dudes threatening to go to the Philippines and marry a retired prostitute Traditional Asian Woman because they are so much more feminine than white women.

    The only people more pathetic than feminists are these guys.

    So I had to write that whole other article to avoid even the appearance of being a “white knight.”

    But seriously, Adele is pretty much the greatest singer of the last few years. Good lord that woman has some pipes on her, and the lyrics are awfully clever. “Rumor Has It” will be a classic 20 years from now.


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