Cobra Command

Some great comments over at OD about the wars.

Afterthought says:
June 14, 2014 at 6:48 pm

A couple of absolute centering facts before I go into my two cents:

1. Our enemies in Washington, New York, and London worked with the Saudis and their satellite Arab Monarchies to

A: Topple Gaddafi
B: Fund an uprising in Syria
C: Launch a genocidal campaign against Shiites in order to divide the “Shia Crescent” (Western and Northern Afghanistan, Iran, Southern Iraq, Syria, Lebanon)
D: Topple the Muslim Brotherhood and install General Sisi as overlord of Egypt

2. Our enemies directly funded “moderates” and covertly funded Sunni Jihadists. Recall John McCain posing with the ISIL while calling for Assad’s head

3. The Embassy in Benghazi was the African starting point of a “rat line” that was funneling weapons to jihadis in Syria


test2 says:
June 14, 2014 at 8:09 am

neocons being neocons

They still want to attack Syria so they instigated this to get US warplanes in place in Iraq which, once they’re in place and bombing Isis, could be switched from attacking Isis to attacking Assad.

If Obama says no then the current crisis will fizzle out and Iraq will split in two which is what should have happened years ago.

Basically, storm in a teacup unless Obama is pushed into Iraq 2.0.

Standard operating procedure applies: promote the opposite of whatever neocons want.

As much as I dislike Fareed Zacharia and the CFR, in their publication “Foreign Policy”, just prior to the 2003 neocon-led (essentially Jewish) invasion of Iraq, that author posited that the upcoming invasion would indeed be folly and result in disaster. He essentially and quite correctly argued that Arabic-Muslim governments have historically been run by “Strong men” and that if we did invade the result would be replacing Hussein with ourselves, and that we were far less capable of governing Iraq than the then current (and relatively popular) “dictator.”

It is instructive to note that uber-Zionist Theodore Hertzel’s long-term plan (penned in the 1930′s) for the Middle East included the dismemberment of the larger states into small, ineffectual entities rife and ridden with sectarian conflict (Google “The Zionist Plan for the Middle East”). What we are being witness to is the execution of that long-term plan in motion, we being manipulated and deceived into believing that this general insanity is the result of recent history and current politics which it certainly is not. This murderous chaos is being given to us by the same Tribal bastards who penned the Hart-Cuellar Act (1965 Immigration Act), the stated intent of the legislation being (paraphrased) “a permanent demographic change in the U.S. so that white Christianity is never again a threat to Judaism.” If you question the veracity of this statement, I suggest you read Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s book, “The Culture of Critique.”


Afterthought says:
June 14, 2014 at 7:01 pm

What does this all mean for those who want to get out from under the government of their Enemies in D.C., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Detroit?

1. Because of the sickening waste and mess that our enemies have put us in, there is a chance that a post-WW1 style demoralization will sweep through whites especially those who are too young to remember Nixon and Reagan “taking back America”.

2. An alternative vision is desperately needed, and I believe is spreading in the form of isolationism, anti-redistributionist, and territorialist feeling. We need to continue to promote partition of the country as THE solution to white woes.

3. The GOP is a prime target for take over, as with the election of Eric Cantor, the last Jew in the GOP Congressional Caucus. Catholics, like William F Buckley who purged the John Birchers and their fellow travelers from the party, must become a prime target of propaganda, because the Red-Blue divide is synonymous with the areas that are majority Baptist and majority Catholic. I don’t know how, but white Catholics must be convinced that their interests lie with pan white unity, rather than old dividing lines of religion and class. This becomes easier with a Marxist Pope.

I could go on and on, but something big is happening; call it peak Empire or Peak Jew, or both. The hegemonic position that the US had at the end of the Cold War is over. The bills are coming due, we can either pay them like good little slaves or default in a historic way and move in a brand new discretion. I prefer the latter.

Wayne says:
June 14, 2014 at 7:02 pm

Saddam was the leader Iraq deserved, the overall best given the state of that people.
Assad is is leader the Syrians deserve and need.
Khafaffi was the leaders the Libyans needed, same for Egypt.
Freedom and democracy given to those unready for them are the cause of much bloodshed.
These men are being/were toppled so that their populatuons would be defenceless against western banksters.

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