Wag The Dog 2

Well congrats to whoever has Burger King’s online “viral” ad account, because “Proud Whopper” and “Feminist Attacks Pro-Lifer” are pretty much the future of online video ads. Hey, thoughtcatalog.com managed to turn online trolling into a revenue stream, it was only a matter of time before some big companies followed suit.

Just in case we didn’t get it, they do a close-up on the Burger King logo on her shirt for half the video.

It’s probably good for Burger King to be associated with various fringe demographic groups anyway. They can have Burger King. We’re all hipster foodies and crunchy conservatives, with our Victory Gardens and heirloom vegetables, right?

Hipster, you’re a moron. Is this another one of your “conspiracy theories?” What you think they are just a bunch of actors? Look, those police are wearing uniforms. So the cops are in on it too? And the Department of Public Transportation? Or do you think that big bus in the video is just some sort of video trickery? So how many people are supposed to be involved in the giant plot anyway? Let me guess, the Freemasons, right?

Occam’s Razor. It’s a real feminist, a real pro-lifer, a real cop, and a real video.

She’ll probably get fired from Burger King now. If she doesn’t, we’ll know Burger King is the enemy and we should all switch to Chic-fil-a. Let’s make it a campaign, we can start a petition on change.org.

Now can we please ban Hipster and his nutty crazy conspiracy theories?

1. The camera follows the cop into the bus. Do police allow random cameramen to follow them when apprehending a suspect?

2. Burger King product placement.

3. BornEqual.org the ostensible pro-life organization set up last year has exactly the kind of media you would expect from an “edgy” film company getting into online marketing. A picture perfect replica of Fundies, Feminists and Cops engaged in the political version of professional wrestling.

4. Deniability on the part of BK Holdings, Inc. The online marketing department hangs out with the filmmakers and makes sure whatever money needs to flow their way does, whether it’s on the books or off the books, doesn’t matter. If there is enough trust built up, an executive would just write a tax deductible check to the film festival.

5. If Burger King won’t hire them, Carl’s Jr. will.

3 thoughts on “Wag The Dog 2

  1. Wow, I’m not the only one who though this was fake.

    She’s not like any actual feminist I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been around a lot. The entire thing comes off as totally contrived.

    There’s been a campaign in the media to demonize white men lately. Look up the guy in Florida being accused of ‘enslaving’ a few prostitutes who got free room and drugs in his McMansion in exchange for sex.

    There are other examples of this. Right now I’m too tired, but will comment more later. I’m glad I’m not the only one to catch this…


    1. @Harley

      She’s not like any actual feminist I’ve ever seen

      She’s straight out of Central Casting. I admit, I bought it for the first few minutes. In my defense I just listened to the audio.

      It’s clever though, I’ll give them that.


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