Urban Outfitters Accused of Hipster Racism


Indians – dot, not feather – get their turbans as twisted as the many arms of Vishnu. Because their false elephant god is used as a footstool by Hipster Supremacists. Hey Indians, right now I am wiping my feet on the face of your idol! Where is your god now?

“You can put him in a frame and on the wall. That is fine,” Zed said. “But not to be put on the bed, on which you lie and your feet will go on. That is very inappropriate.”

“They really don’t get it,” Balaji said, and he predicted that what he called the company’s “hipster racism” will continue.



A Negra quotes a Jewess:

Bustle’s Erin Myer summed up folks’ worst fears nicely by writing, “I shudder to think of all the 20-somethings dying to get their hipster racism on by flaunting this duvet in the middle of their Bushwick loft decorated with votive candles.”

Indian Nazi Thinks You're Racist
Indian Nazi Thinks You’re Racist

Of course, Hindus are neo-Nazis and worship Hitler and the Swastika, so who are the real racists here? Yeah that’s what I thought.


Offensive To Chinaman
Offensive To Chinaman

But wait – there’s more! Hipsters buy “yellow face” offensive to Chinaman necklace!


Now Topshop have come under fire online for a head charm necklace featuring “vintage style” Chinese faces as part of its “Freedom Found” collection.

Spotted by a UK shopper last week who posted a photo of the necklace to Twitter, the necklace has been slammed as “offensive” on the internet, with the blogger Angry Asian Man calling it “bold, blatant racist bullshit trying to get passed off as hipster cool” because of its “plain outdated Orientalist imagery of Asians.”

The monkeys have won.


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