Holly In Harm’s Way

“Holly, Holly, Holly. What am I going to do with you?”

She screamed as well as she could, through the gag thing.

“No one can hear you, sweetie. It’s not going to work. You’re stuck.” I smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you. Much.”



So anyway, Holly had told me she was a vegetarian, so no Proud Whopper from Burger King. But she was impressed with my support for marriage equality, so she agreed to go to a coffeeshop with me. We meet up the next afternoon, after her Women’s Studies class, and head over to the Starbucks. I spring for a fancy latte something or other and she tells me about herself. Good Lord, these women love to talk about themselves. As she was jibber-jabbering away, I couldn’t stop thinking of shutting her up when the time was right.

She was from Ohio and had come to the university to study Marketing with an emphasis on marketing to women. It’s a growing field, she kept saying. I didn’t tell her much about myself, just kept going with the little jokes. She laughed easily and smiled a lot. She sure was pretty too – the freckles, aww shucks she was cute as can be.

Well at some point I steal a kiss. She seemed a little surprised, but went with it. We just sort of peck each other’s lips and I tell her I’ll see her around. I text her a smiley face later. Bitches love smiley faces. Yeah, well, I know some other things bitches like. Especially bitches like her.

I have hockey practice in an hour, so I go back to my dorm to pick up my skates.


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