Leftist Nutjob Calls for Violence Against Hipsters

You know, for the Indian headdress thing. Then, an actual American Indian calls bullshit on the Disingenuous White Liberal for playing “toleranter than thou” and explains why it’s perfectly acceptable for hipsters to wear feathers in their hair:


“Why hipsters in headdresses need a scalping” – by Gillian Orr for the Belfast Telegraph.


Read how this hysterical white woman decides she will be the Heroine of the Brown Masses and save them from the insensitivity of her fellow People of No Color:

Presumably in response to this madness, Belgian designer Walter van Beirendonck had two men model headdresses that read ‘STOP RACISM’ in his show during men’s fashion week in January.

“Natives are not costumes one can take on and off,” says Ruth Hopkins of the website Last Real Indians.

“When people dress up in stereotypical ‘Indian’ garb, they’re not only denying the existence of 566 distinct Tribal Nations, they’re mocking an entire group of human beings based solely on their race and heritage.”

What is especially shocking is the recurring narrative at play; the here-we-go-again of it all. How many people must fauxpologise before the message finally gets through?

This is so moronic a child could figure it out. No, dressing up in ‘Indian’ garb does not “deny the existence” of anyone nor is it “mocking and entire group of human beings based soley on their race and heritage.” That’s White Girl Drama, pretending she is so much more “sensitive” and more Down With the Brown than her fellow Whiteys.

You aren’t fooling anyone, sweetheart.

Then, you know, someone with actual Indian heritage decides to call out White Girl on her being a poser:


At first, I thought the objection was a little overboard and my initial reaction was:

1. American Indians also appropriated from other cultures.
2. Not all American Indians are offended by it.
3. American Indians make and sell them with no disclaimer that they should not be worn.
4. It is okay if someone wears it at a concert.
5. Many people get ridiculous when using the term cultural appropriation.

I would totally culturally appropriate her all night long and some the next morning too.
I would totally culturally appropriate her all night long and some the next morning too.

Some hysterical Disingenuous White Liberal wants to compare it to blackface, and of course my only response is, yeah? So what? If y’all are really against cultural appropriation, take that SUV back to the dealer and giddy up on that horse. Turn in the keys to your condo and move into a straw hut.

Either way, you sure as hell don’t belong on the internet, because that was made by 100% Genuine White Men, and our only mistake was teaching the rest of you how to use it (yes, that includes you, Disingenuous White Chick.)


2 thoughts on “Leftist Nutjob Calls for Violence Against Hipsters

  1. This idea of cultural appropriation (for things like this) is spread by the internet amongst young people. I can tell you that older Indians (dots not feathers) like the fact that Hindu culture is being “appropriated” by non-Indians. They see it as the positive aspects of Hinduism gaining the cultural recognition that it deserves. Although granted some tacky aspects of Indian culture are also spreading along with ethical and spiritual aspects, but whatever. I’ve heard younger Indian-Americans like myself use this term cultural appropriation and ten I realized its a talked about thing on the internet. Back in India nobody talks like this. We think its great, really.

    Om Shanti!


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