British Black Blames Hipsters For Black Riots

Your Cappuccino: A Hate Crime In a Cup

These blacks see our fancy coffee and are induced to riots and rage by our good taste. Clearly, it’s our fault. Here, let some black lady who yelled at black rioters once tell us why:

White hipsters, not black looters, are now threatening post-riots London: The ‘Hackney Heroine’, who shouted down rioters three years ago, says gentrification and ‘£5 cappuccinos’ are fuelling a new resentment on her streets

OK, let’s begin:

Three years ago, I shouted down young men as they burnt cars on the streets of Hackney, where I live. Now they come in beards and bobble hats instead.

Wait, is she suggesting that White Hipsters are now burning cars after the blacks and browns did a few years ago? Well, not exactly. The White Hipsters aren’t literally burning cars, but enjoying fancy coffee in the ‘hood is going to make the blacks and browns so angry they will have no choice but to burn cars, because the White Hipsters drove them to it.

Places such as Kingsland Road and Mare Street have become the trendiest places to be, but that has bought unrest of a different sort. The people who live here are not happy. There are a lot of issues with the social cleansing that is becoming increasingly evident around here. I try to keep away from the word ‘hipster’, and call them trendies instead. But it all means the same: gentrification. This means cleaning an area up and saying if you can’t afford to be here then you have to leave.

Now, if you walk along Kingsland Road on weekend nights, there will be several dozen people standing outside the retro bars and clubs, and, I’m sorry to say, they are all white.

No Hipsters Here!

“Sorry to say?” “Sorry to say they are all white?” Why does this racist bitch have a problem with white people hanging around on the corner? What are they going to do, discuss the latest indie band? Chances are, they aren’t going to be burning any cars, unless it’s part of some licensed art show. So, what’s her problem? She just doesn’t like white people?

The riots began because people felt marginalised. They were unhappy and thought things were just always getting worse for them. The shooting of Mark Duggan was the spark that lit the tinderbox. Could it happen again? Never say never.

Wait, is that a threat? Is she suggesting that if these blacks and browns feel “marginalized” because the fancy coffees are really expensive, they are going to “tear this motherfucker down” riot and burn cars?

“Hey bitch, what you don’t like it? I’ll rape you den, bitch! Ray-ciss!”

I thought threatening violence and terrorism was a crime?

I’m no brain surgeon

Yeah, well, no shit, sweetheart.


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