Diamonds In The Crack Of Her Ass

Back in the 1980s, the nation of South Africa was under international pressure for their apartheid policies. While South Africa was a close ally to another nation that practices apartheid – the Jewish country, Israel – that didn’t stop Jews outside of Israel agreeing virtually unanimously that the White South Africans were evil racists.

But not the Israeli Jews – their apartheid was ok. Because, you know, they are Jews. God’s Special People, therefore, their “racism” is perfectly justified.

So Jews around the world organized a massive demonization campaign against South Africa. It got so silly that MTV musicians would all take “heroic” stands to boycott South Africa, peaking with the shitty 1980s song, “I Ain’t Gonna Play Sun City.”

Well, one enterprising Jew decided to break ranks and put out a whole album with South African musicians – black South Africans that is, not white ones. Since Paul Simon is a Jew, normal rules don’t apply to him. If a Jew supports the Apartheid Regime of Jew Bigotry in Zionist Occupied Palestine, that’s ok. Because Jews. But if a White man were to support a majority white country – any country, anywhere in the world, from tiny Netherlands to the massive Canada – doesn’t matter.

Jews have Rights. Whites have “unearned privilege.”

So anyway, some lying Jewess who plays a “Holocaust Survivor” on TV actually told this ridiculous tale about how she stuffed diamonds up her ass to save herself from the Nazis. She actually said Dr. Death Himself, Himmler or Gerbbels or whichever, actually personally tortured her and gave her an injection to turn her eyes blue.


You see, blue eyed people are bad and evil and Nazis. Unless they are Jewish and they have blue eyes, then it’s ok. So you see, the Hitler Nazis were so evil they decided they were going to kidnap helpless Jewish girls, inject them with needles in their eyes, in order to turn their brown eyes blue. Is that a believable story?

Of course not. It’s complete 100% bullshit, and everyone knows it. But it’s literally illegal to doubt this story is many countries all around the world, thanks to various anti-speech laws passed under pressure from Zionist Jews.

She’s a jewess
She don’t try to hide it
Diamonds in the crack of her ass

He’s a nazi
Evil as the Devil
Evil as the Devil turning brown eyes to blue

Sing Ta na na
Ta na na na
She got diamonds in the crack of her ass
She got diamonds in the crack of her ass
Diamonds in the crack of her ass
Diamonds in the crack of her ass

People say she’s lying
There’s no diamonds in the crack of her ass
Well that’s one way to hide that stolen stash
Diamonds in the crack of her ass

It was physically impossible
To stuff all those diamonds up her rear
Did it hurt worse going in or coming out?
She said you must believe me
Or else you’re a nazi
Wearing these diamonds
These diamonds in the crack of my ass

Bernie Sanders, the Jew Zionist Senator from Vermont, poses with Terrorist Mass Murderer Nelson Mandela at an anti-White rally. Bernie Sanders is a supporter of Jewish Supremacy, Zionism, and apartheid - as long as Jews do it. When whites do it, Bernie says it's "racist."
Bernie Sanders, the Jew Zionist Senator from Vermont, poses with Terrorist Mass Murderer Nelson Mandela at an anti-White rally. Bernie Sanders is a supporter of Jewish Supremacy, Zionism, and apartheid – as long as Jews do it. When whites do it, Bernie says it’s “racist.”

16 thoughts on “Diamonds In The Crack Of Her Ass

    1. LULZ … So apparently since some of my fiction writing is confused with erotica, I was put on some sort of twitter reposting bot which dutifully reposted this article all over Twitter – then, they all had to hurriedly delete it lest they offend some Zionazi and interrupt their slaughter of Palestinians.

      Ha ha! /Nelson Muntz


  1. OT: as you know, I credit you with directing me to 911 truth, specifically recognizing the fact that the collapse of the twin towers and WTC7 appear to be consistent with controlled demolition. I read various ‘conspiracy debunking’ sources, and they are all bullshit. Except this one:

    The Twin Towers (but not WTC7) had a “tube” or “sleeve” structural system, which relies on perimeter column system, and has no core (inside) structural support. So if the tube structure is compromised by being partly cut by a plane, a collapse may occur.

    The AE911Truth video, at least the free one-hour version did not address that. Have you come across arguments either way on the “tube” structural design and its potential for failure?


    1. @PA

      It’s just a talking point. It doesn’t even really say much: “since this thing, this other thing could possibly happen.”

      Is that what happened? No.

      It’s easy. Just take the schematics of the towers and look at how they were built. Make a model. Fly a model airplane into it. Does the entire thing then blow up and collapse on itself? Do steel beams turn molten due to what was, in comparison to the building, a tiny amount of “jet fuel” – i.e., kerosene?


      The only scientists who actually studied the physical evidence found the same kind of modified thermite that had just been patented a few years prior – for building demolition – in the dust. Unless someone wants to come along and show otherwise, that’s the prima facie case, the Occam’s Razor, null hypothesis, simple explanation that fits the data. The government or Larry Silverstein or whoever is welcome to come up with another hypothesis that fits the data and the evidence. So far, no one has.

      It’s an open and shut case now. Everything else is so much hand-wavery.


  2. The joke caption is over my head. That’s Joe Slovo (or, as his mohel knew him, Yossel Mashel Slovo), head of the South African Communist Party.

    Is it, like, Joe Slovo and Bernie Sanders, switched at birth?


    1. Eh, old frizzy-haired Jews – they all look the same to me.

      I’m almost certain I have seen a picture of Bernie Sanders with Mandela (not the wife) but I couldn’t find it, and found this one instead. I actually did think it was Bernie Sanders though.

      Either way, Bernie Sanders is still an anti-white hypocrite Zionazi that supports murdering Palestinian children.


  3. Hip do you think Putin set up the whole Snowden affair? If so, to what end? When you claim we don’t hear anything from the MSM, who and what is the agenda with him? Dish.

    Also, I’m telling stupid biological fetishists that most of what’s seeping out from the MSM about the biology of ‘race’ is a psy op. As the pendulum swings back, the jews are now going to be dyeing their hair, finding those old colored contact lenses, and regaling us with tales of how ‘blue eyes’ really do correlate with long-term planning abilities in the human frontal cortex.

    Who gives a fuck? Does this mean we need to absorb the blue-eyed among the western european jews and all the hideous dune-dwellers they’ll sneak into our new country, like LBJ did with the Gaza-tunnels into Texas?


    1. Harley,

      Do you have any children? Aren’t you looking for a sperm donor?

      You know, you gals are hilarious. You make the babies, but act like it’s men that do. You’re the creators of the race and all you need men for is a good time and the aforementioned sperm.

      So I don’t know, you tell me. You want to have a baby with a blue eyed Jewish guy?


  4. Did you really do it with a jew? I really want to know. It’s been bugging me. Maybe redheads should dip the. Chocolate after all. I mean, anyone besides a jew. I’d even withstand a but of yellow fever. But jew?


    1. Yes, I’ve had sex with more than one jewess, and one was even a sort of semi-serious girlfriend. They were all secular, barely jews of course.

      As for redheads dipping the chocolate, or the yellow fevers – what, I don’t get it. You’re taking your cues about your sexual morality from moi? Hipster Racist? A comedy character on the internet? The guy with an “n count” of 50+ who is into some pretty kinky shit and is essentially a male prostitute?

      “I’m going to fuck this black guy because Hipster Racist screwed some jewesses.”


      P.S. The jewess character is based on a real woman and she really did suck dick better than any woman I ever had – and I’ve had my penis in the mouths of a surprising number of women.


  5. Bernie Sanders? Ha Ha.

    That’s the Jew Communist Joe Slovo. One of the many Jews who led the black communists organizations that destroyed Germanic Afrikaner-run South Africa.

    Hipster, please read this: Jews and Communism- The SA Experience

    The article has quotes from 4 books, three written by Jews. The books document the Jewish involvement in the black organizations which worked to destroy the Germanic Afrikaner control of the country.

    Jews used blacks to destroy the Germanic Afrikaner control of the government and culture in South Africa. Just like jews in the USA have used blacks, homosexuals, and other ethnic groups as justification to demonize the former Celtic/Germanic leaders of pre-1965 USA.


  6. One of the first survivor stories that gave me a glimpse of jewish mentality was by a guy who claimed Nazi doctors inserted a handle up his as and used it to squeeze his prostate and make him ejaculate for collecting the sperm of untermensch. Picturing the scene just didn’t really make revile the evil evilness of Nazis.

    Legendary Heroes from Africa.

    How many African negroes do you think knows their names?


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