A Rose By Any Other Name

Aryan Skynet

In view of the unhappy news about Mindweapons’ sabbatical, I thought I would post something humorous but instructive for my good friend, sparring partner, and not-so-secret cyber-crush, Hipster Racist and his crew.

At the end of my fifth year of elementary school, the boys and girls were separated and herded off to different rooms by respectively the male and female coach. We girls got to watch some god-awful, cringe-worthy movie about entering puberty where we were assaulted with visions of hairy armpits and sweat stains on shirtsleeves. There was a question and answer session with the female coach.

As we rejoined the boys, I noticed that they were watching us girls warily and tiptoeing around us like they were walking on eggshells. I finally got curious and asked about the stuff that went on in the other room. Well, the boys got to see the same film … grosss ……

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9 thoughts on “A Rose By Any Other Name

  1. Because you’re obsessed with redheads, I’ll gift you with my gospel.

    This shit needs to end, assholes. It’s going nowhere, and fast. All the anti-feminists need to hear loud and clear:

    I was hanging out, let’s say, somewhere in the northeast…chilling…and got to chatting with a late 20-something ‘white male.’ He was my tribe. I mentioned having gone camping, alone, in a section somewhere in…the northeast. I needed quiet and a cheap getaway, you see. And I’m that frontier white bitch everyone hates cuz I don’t need a man.

    So would-be-white-liberationist furrows his brow and says, “I really don’t think it’s safe for you out there. Do you know what some of the guys up that way are like?! They’re the types who talk about shooting Obama, refuse to bathe regularly, and beat women. The domestic violence rates are crazy…’

    Even though the couple in the shelter next to me only 20 feet away were ‘cool’ and I had some security with them. WBWL did NOT approve. He spoke of having cut off all ties with an illegal and all their people, and of thinking the gun-nut Obama aspiring assassins were unhinged but morally justified, somehow.


    Except that attitude they have towards wimminz. Besides untrimmed beards, poor social skills and body odor, he thought they had pathos…Except. For. Their. Misogyny.

    No, he didn’t use that word, but hell yeah, he sounded just like me only different in style. A late 20’s boy, in my becoming ‘shrew’ish lexicon, he contemplated all the issues and angles on the gender wars, but with a sobriety and equanimity this movement direly lacks. He bought his girl who’d just dumped him and then relented a dozen roses, you see, and was now trying to ‘be a man.’

    And the notion that he could ever become a pale arab made him so sick he’d rather die. Unhinged is one thing; betraying your most sacred principles that makes you White is another, and it’s tantamount to living death.

    Just say no to feminist-bashing, because in what, 20 years on the internet it’s done absolutely nothing but turn the ‘unawakened’ off.

    Another anecdote: I’m chilling with a 40 year old blonde mother of three blonde angels. The kids and I are hanging out and watching Frozen. The oldest, six, can’t believe I’ve never seen it. I’m so unhip. My friend, ‘Suzy’ wanders in and out, packing for the vacation they’re all going on. At one point she catches the end of the film, as the redhead sister of the blonde heroine (which one is the heroine?) freezes Anna or whoever…in an act of sisterhood solidarity, and says, “Don’t you love how the women save themselves?”

    Little Emma and Violet are 6 and 3, respectively. Grant is the towhead middleman at 4. They are aryan and unwilling to go back to the codependent ways of the sandpeople. We trekked north and braved the cold, the unknown, the fear. We set camp in the fertile grounds of Europa and innovated our way into Light. To look back and wallow is unhealthy and decadent, as is this movement in so many ways.

    To live through the past is to become Frozen and inert. And that’s what Jew & Co. wants. Look up, look North, maybe even look a bit deeper inside yourselves.

    The feminists didn’t unlock the gates of Jericho.


    1. Harley:

      Feminism is a Marxist movement run by Jewish women.

      Why do you need feminism? Feminism will never change men, we’ll always objectify you, tease you, and not take you seriously.

      So what do you gain from feminism? Nothing.


      1. You’re not even old enough to have lived through the feminist second wave. As for the third, it was necessary, and not as much run by jews as the second.

        But neither do you understand very well. I get so sick of trying to educate people. No one seems to get that the extreme reactionariness totally turns off most unaware whites.

        What do pro-whites gain from bashing feminism? Nothing.


      2. Harley, let me make a confession. When I was young and naive, I actually thought of myself as a bit of a “feminist.” I actually thought there was a “rape culture” and that most rapes weren’t reported, or that women would never lie about such a thing. I actually thought that domestic violence was a real problem. I thought that women were “held back” at work due to sexist attitudes. I actually had a Very Serious Talk with some male co-workers about how we interviewed a female employee.

        I even slogged through much of Dworkin’s “Intercourse.”

        Then I actually observed women in the real world, and realized it was all, 100% of it – complete fucking bullshit.

        “Rape culture?” Pfft. Some girl sluts it up then cries rape. It happens *all the fucking time.*

        “Hostile work environment?” Bullshit. Women get coddled in just about every industry. Far more women sleep their way to the top than anyone would fucking believe. (The current case? Feminist faux-techie fucks every gaming journalist she can to get good reviews on her shitty ass video game. Then, of course, cries “oppression.” See “Quinnspiracy.”)

        “Domestic violence?” More bullshit. My family took in a young woman whose boyfriend had beat her up. We gave her a safe, free place to live, fed her, gave her support – and OF COURSE – she went back to the guy over and over again, then had his baby. She got off on it. It’s no coincidence that these bullshit “anti-domestic violence” posters look like soft-core BDSM porn – because that’s what it is.

        Honestly, I feel like a fool for every taking anything feminist seriously at all. My only excuse is that I was young and naive.

        Anti-feminism is a growing movement among white men and white women. You’re wrong, we will turn off more people by coddling feminism that we will lose by bashing feminism.

        The third wave was nothing but an excuse for college girls to slut it up and feel good about it. Third Wave Feminists were virtually all mentally ill. I mean, making art where you stick things in your vagina? Riot “Grrls?” Writing “slut” on your body while dressing like a slut? The Vagina Monologues? Third Wave Feminism was nothing but untreated mental illness, and I remember it quite well.


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