Mini Mrs. Robinsons

I was right, all the wimminz were wrong.

Oh, they whined and moaned. They said if all us white men didn’t kiss their aging, divorced fat asses, they would take their bat and ball and go home. The only way we could ever develop a White Consciousness is if we worshipped at the feet of middle aged white women – totally not feminist, we PROMISE!!1 – so, you know, the beauty of the Aryan Goddess female should not perish from the earth!

They were all going to hang out with the prepper crowd instead (because white guys hanging out in the woods are totally going to win this thing, am i rite guise?) and Viking Bitch was going to lead them all into a Golden Age where mean nasty WN males were no longer going to ignore middle aged white wimminz – making the poor dears feel “invisible” – but instead Worship these Aryan Goddesses like they deserved.

Uh, never mind all those dead white babies we killed in the womb – we just weren’t ready!

Then, this mean nasty hipster came along and spanked their fat asses and essentially laughed at their illusions of grandeur. The traditionalist WN men balked – no, no – we need more old white “reformed” feminists teaching these naughty white boys how to treat us eldersluts like a Gentleman should, not nasty hipsters writing JEW PORN!!1

But, lo and behold, young white guys – completely ignoring old attention whores and their tired and false faux-traditionalism – looked around and realized the problem was not at all a lack of manners around the White Wimminz – it was precisely the opposite. If these Eldersluts really were interested in the future of white people, they wouldn’t have dragged their white husbands through the jew courts for cash and prizes, and instead of attending to their husbands, children, and grandchildren (oops, no grandchildren yet) – they decided they would attention whore on the pro-white blogs of white men a decade – OR TWO – their junior.

No really, it was the fault of the “mini-Hefs” – the National Organization of Women told me so! How dare you look at young women’s boobies, you should be paying attention to us – women your mother’s age!

But well, well, well, the young white guys ignored the wrinkley old eldersluts and figured it out on their own. They realized that:

After a few months of being subscribed to TRP, the thing that I’ve come to appreciate the most here is the ability to never have to worry about being politically correct.

“OMG! My grandma just called her neighbor colored! What a racist! Doesn’t she know that it’s “person of color” now?”

People love ostracizing those in the “out group” and political correctness makes it easy to see who is “in” and who is “out”.

It’s also a social status signifier.

“I don’t know why blacks get arrested so often. It must be those evil mean cops! Blacks are so gentle and pleasant.” Translation: “I’m so well off that I’ve never had to live or work around lower class blacks.”

Political correctness is an iron grip of death for a civilization.

Exactly. I don’t owe anyone respect (or anything for that matter), so I can say what I think. On the flipside, when somebody offends you – nothing fucking happens. It’s just that: you’re “offended”, get over it.

Grow thick skin and stand for your beliefs instead of crying ‘omg he/she misogynist/racist/whateverist’

You better shut your privilege hole you cis white male, we don’t your oppression here, fucking shitlords. /s

I wonder if they will ever get to analytical privilege, or intelligence privilege, or rational privilege….. wait no they won’t b/c they will have to admit they are emotional, dumb, and irrational.

I love political correctness. It is possibly one of the greatest things ever. I’m not always politically correct, but when I am, I am extremely politically correct to the point of exhaustion and annoyance.

Satire is fun. Nothing communicates to stupid people how stupid they are better than some mockery.

Macro-evolution stopped about 150~200K years ago not 600K. Since then we’ve had micro-evolution that’s caused humans settled in different parts of the world to optimally adapt to their environments. Hence black people are black, northern european people are white, russians are white, asians are yellow or brown and the middle easy is olive or brown.

And that’s just skin tone, other features have adapted as well. You can’t follow TRP theory about evolutionary psychology and not acknowledge that evolution exists.

OK, that’s the young men. That’s their attitude. That is the result of white men mentoring white boys.

Ladies – your turn. Show us the fruits of you mentoring young white women. Let’s see their happy broods of many white children.


No, I mean, really, can you show us a single young fertile white woman joining the cause, with a white consciousness, casting aside anti-whiteness due to *your efforts* trolling the blogs of young white men?


Hipster Racist has a message for old white women: sit down and shut up.

No, wait, better – shut up and start serving young white men drinks, since young white men are the ones actually fighting. Or, you know, actually trying doing something useful and stop stalking young white men and instead start mentoring young white women to do the right thing.

Oh no, that’s no fun. Young white women look at these aging bitter divorcees – or those on their second or third husband – and think – I sure as hell don’t want to turn out like them!

Step aside, bitter old hags. You have nothing – ZERO – to offer young white men – or young white women, for that matter. You either refuse – or are unable – to even start a single BLOG and get a SINGLE young white woman reading and commenting – much less having white babies – due to your own efforts.

As I said before, young white men – run far, far away from old “white nationalist” women and instead, go to church. Church girls are easy, want to find a decent white man to submit to, and want babies. You know, to actually fulfill the 14 words. What possible good does it do to listen to some aging party girl chanting “jew nigger spic blah blah blah” – you know, cause she’s “fiesty!”

It’s downright creepy – aging divorcees stalking young white men whining about “misogyny” because the young “red pill” white boys aren’t buying their tired old feminist crap anymore.

Hey – old biddies – how about trying to age gracefully for once, you mini-Dworkins?

Hurts, don’t it? Yet not a single one – NOT A ONE – actually mentors young white women. All they do is stalk young white men. You know, because they are nasty old perverts.

Mini-Mrs. Robinsons.

25 thoughts on “Mini Mrs. Robinsons

  1. Snark, parody, sadism, and trolling aside – a former prominent WN blogger once complained to me because I made some “misogynist” comments. He said he wanted to promote high investment parenting, and I might scare away some of the women.

    But guess what happened? I, personally, actually corresponded with the ONLY THREE WHITE WOMEN OF CHILDBEARING AGE who ever posted on his blog, gave them encouragement, and even, in one case, did my best helping her navigate her new relationship, which is likely on the way to creating white children and a happy white family.

    What did the old WN women do?

    Flirt and fight with the young white men and IGNORE the young white women.

    The only white women who actually do their damn job and help young white women fulfill the 14 words are Christian women – and they don’t do it in the context of WN, they do it in the context of Christianity.

    Now why is that? Because old WN women are trash, that’s why. With maybe one or two exceptions.

    We had to dump the stupid costume clowns of WN 1.0, but we still have a soft spot in our heart for the aging biddies of WN 1.0. LOL, we’re actually white knighting single mothers on welfare who got sperm donations because they were mentally ill and unable to form normal heterosexual relationships.

    That’s the new Wimminz Leader of WN 1.0. LOL. I’ll give her this, she does have a few pathetic beta orbiters.

    Now that a certain blogger is retired, this blog is going to get a lot more serious. If you thought it was “misogynist” before – just wait. Because focusing on the young white men is going to pay dividends, while focusing on the old white women will get us nothing.

    I wish I was wrong. Prove me wrong. Show me an older White Nationalist woman mentoring young white women. You won’t find them, because they are too busy flirting with younger, married white men bloggers.


    1. LOL, look it’s an anti-fa being homophobic … and racist!

      Haven’t you ever seen Bamboozled? You’re promoting anti-black coonery.

      Of course, we know that all you “anti-fas” are really just Jew Supremacist Zionazis.

      Now, go back to murdering Palestinian children, you kike trash.


      1. Hipster, you deleted LibertyLamp’s comment to which I responded, making it look like I’m talking to myself, which might not be as bad as talking to you upon reflection.

        But really, if you’re going to play mad censor could you just delete the comment in which I responded to his deleted one…or are you trying to make me look crazy and have me carted off like rich men did to their aging wives before the second wave?

        Seriously, Hip, I think this is the first time you’ve censored people. It’s so unhip. Why would a ‘feminist’ get better treatment than an antifa or whatever that is?


      2. I won’t be a participant in doxxing people, even if they doxxed themselves first.

        It’s not a conspiracy against you. The subject in question is not particularly of interest to anyone except for you, anyway.

        You realize you’re the most labor-intensive of my commenters don’t you? This is like your fourth time bitching about stuff.

        Let’s see, you’re a woman, Lamp is a woman, and the subject in question is a woman. Take your gossip elsewhere, ladies.


      3. You’re best when you’re bitchy, over email especially, asking me for validation then going persnickety. The men’s movement motto:
        No means yes!


      4. @Harley

        No means yes!

        You haven’t sent me a picture yet, so as of now, it’s “no” – and it means “no.”

        That could change, honey. But as of now, I wouldn’t let you anywhere near my kitchen.


    2. Hello, Thelibertylamp, I have been informed that you are a Negress. Let me explain our policies towards those of the African persuasion.

      There was a lovely young black Christian woman that once posted here, in good faith, not knowing what she was in for. I politely explained to her that while she seemed like a perfectly nice and very bright young lady, this is the blog of a sexist, racist womanizer who is into some really kinky sex shit.

      She was somewhat surprised, but thanked me for being honest and took her leave. She continues to post on various websites and I’ll often read what the young woman has to say.

      Another time, some nigra started posting some foul mouth crap and I told her off.

      So, you’re some affirmative action Negress being paid by some Zionist group to harass White people. I actually remember coming across your blog years ago, and I read it just last week, and you got, pretty much, nothing. Just boilerplate propaganda you are essentially copy and pasting from people far smarter than you. You couldn’t “anti-fascist” your way out of a paper bag and if you were assigned to write an essay about the Fascist movement of 20th Century Europe, it would likely read like a homework assignment authored by a 14 year old white girl.

      U mad bro?


    1. Come on, Harley, I thought it was at least a half-decent parody of Viking Bitch, you know, sort of the male version of VB, with a dash of Denise at her most hysterical, Aryan Goddess at her most haughty, with a few sly winks to Cly and you.

      You do realize you gals come across like this, to us men? This is me parodying the way you gals talk, and especially, how they talk on VB’s blog.

      When you look in the mirror, what do you see?


      1. Snark and satire back on…if anyone’s guilty of stalking it’s you. I’ve never instigated any interactions between us. You totally jones for a session with the redheaded Mrs. Robinson, laddie.


      2. In fact, the truth has been right in front of me this whole time.

        You want a spanking from me so bad.

        Sorry, I just don’t do the babysitter stuff 🙂

        /snarcasm off


    2. In fact, the truth has been right in front of me this whole time.

      You want a spanking from me so bad.

      Sorry, I just don’t do the babysitter stuff 🙂

      /snarcasm off


      That was good, Harley.

      But let’s be realistic here. I think we should initiate the New Regime with a Spanking for the Red Queen. It would be kind of hot if you were slapping my ass while I’m fucking you missionary. Even hotter if you’d do some dirty talk like, “you fornicator, you like that don’t you? You bad boy.”

      Oh yeah, Harley, that is totally getting me there.


      1. That was Seductive Jewess – a great resource, and quite eye opening.

        One of the “anti-fascists” that read my blog claims to have had that site taken down, I don’t remember if it was on wordpress or some other platform.

        Dude, you’re not going to make any friends with the white ladies of WN by talking about how you love mischeling women. Frankly, I think there are attractive women of all races, certainly I have known more than a few very good looking Jewish women – I’ve had sex with more than a handful, by the way – but honestly I really do find “pure” Nordic/white/Aryan women by far the most attractive, hands down, it just isn’t even close.


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