Daily Kos-er spars with White rabbits

Anti-hipster is a code word for anti-white.

Aryan Skynet

Daily Kos-er spars with white rabbits

They really don’t like the Mantra!

How do I know Aryan Skynet is self aware? Here is more evidence.

I was taking part in the cheeky Twitter meme, #TipsForRacists, the other day, and I heard from a couple of White, um, let’s see, what do I call them? Supremacists, sure, but too obvious – let’s try cultural warriors – White cultural warriors who evidently feel that if one expresses views that are anti-racist, they are actually being anti-white. They even linked to a music video to illustrate their pointy headed thinking.

At first I thought they were kidding. After all, they wished me well in that last line, kind of. “This is tongue-in-cheek, right?” I asked.
Forgetting for a moment the semantic conundrum they put themselves in – if anti-racist=anti-white, then racist=white – they allege that people who are anti-racist want to destroy the…

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