More Aryan Skynet — lap up the liberal tears from Salon about the “white grievance mob”

Aryan Skynet

Whites can’t be protestors, they are a white grievance mob.

Fuck you Salon. Fuck you mean Joan Walsh. These are my people, our people, our family.

Not surprisingly, a thriving franchise of the nation’s

booming white grievance industry has opened up Aryan Skynet becoming self aware in Ferguson, Missouri, over the last week. It’s worth examining closely. As usual, it consists of two parts lies, one part paranoia, but at its heart it’s a big grift.

The liberals don’t realize that they’ve unleashed the Beast. They pushed too far.

Seee also the comments at

20,000 so far, and more liberal tears.


The weekend featured multiple protests supporting Darren Wilson, the missing Ferguson police officer who shot an unarmed Mike Brown on Aug. 9. His superiors apparently withheld Wilson’s name long enough for him to delete all social media accounts and skip town, but his supporters are declaring Wilson…

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