Because They Do The Jobs White Americans Can’t Do Anymore …

Aryan Skynet

St. Louis Mayor, Francis Slay Wants To Use Undocumented Latinos To Mop Up Ferguson.

Oh, the verbiage is very nicely worded by the Mainstream Media (MSM) Spinmeisters.

Hizzoner wants yourcity’s immigrants to help him revitalize his region’s economy and neighborhoods!

Pardon me if I call a spade a spade, but since when isn’tDiversity At its Most Vibrant not Black as The Ace of Spades?  Since looters destroyed businesses, burned down a convenience store, and even prompted the Federal Aviation Administration to implement a “no-fly zone” over Ferguson, that’s when! Besides bringing all commerce to a screeching halt with non-stop protesting and other three-ring circuses by outside agitators once the antics of local protestors had been duly televised by the MSM Ringmasters trying to orchestrate “justice” for Trayvon Michael Brown once they finally had a Great White Defendant on the Snivel Rights Hook rather than having to fabricate a…

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