New York City White schoolteachers defy political correctness, wear NYPD t-shirts for group photo

Aryan Skynet

It must be tough to be a White schoolteacher in a 59% Black and Latino school. The frustration must be expressed! And here it is:

Tim Wise tweeted that all these teachers should be fired. Yes, Whites must NEVER express frustration with political correctness!

An Open Letter To The White Teachers Who Wore NYPD T-Shirts To School, Despite Being Told Not To

Warned by a United Federation of Teachers official in an email, ‘(A)s public employees, one must remain objective at all times.
Certain T-shirt messages may appear to be supportive, but individuals (parents, students) may see a different meaning in that message.’
An Open Letter To The White Teachers Who Wore NYPD T-Shirts To School, Despite Being Told Not To

Teachers wear NYPD shirts to school despite union warnings
By Carl Campanile, Erin Calabrese and Bruce GoldingSeptember 5, 2014 | 2:54am

Angry city teachers who refused to be bullied…

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6 thoughts on “New York City White schoolteachers defy political correctness, wear NYPD t-shirts for group photo

  1. From the

    “Kentucky teenager is killed trying to protect his mother from her estranged boyfriend before she is found dead on Ohio highway”

    The story– A white teenage boy is shot and killed by his mother’s Black boyfriend. The son was found dead lying in the living room floor having been shot twice. The mudshark mom was also killed by her thug lover. She was found naked and bloody inside the black boyfriend’s SUV, and likely was shot multiple times.

    The Daily Mail didn’t include a picture of the black boyfriend or describe him as black. Here is a picture of him.

    This type of Caucasian woman just has to have some black thug lovin’. Nothing will get in her way. Not the threat of death. Not the safety of her own son. NOTHING. She gots to have some of dat thug love.


    1. I’ve never worried too much about mudsharks. First, there just aren’t that many. The typical mudshark is a poor girl from a trashy family that was likely abused and/or molested. The other kind of mudshark is the Liberated Slut, Africans are just one more to check off the list. These aren’t family women anyway, they will have at best one white baby late in life. Any biracial children just get merged into the African race.

      So, mostly, they are just losses, nothing to get too worked up about. From a 14 Words perspective, birth control and the limiting of fertility do far more harm to the white race than a handful of mudsharks.


      1. “I’ve never worried too much about mudsharks”

        This story is not just about her though. I don’t care about her. Her 17 year old son was killed because of her choice of lover. The tragedy is the death of the 17 year old son.

        “there just aren’t that many”

        There are more and more every year. The white women aren’t necessarily marrying the black guys, but they are dating them and having sex with them.


      2. Actually, I think it was a tiny fad from the 60s-90s, but it’s essentially over. There will always be women that go for non-white men, but they are dwarfed by the number of white men that go for non-white women, the yellow fevers, etc. It’s tragic about the boy, but he’s just another white victim of the black crime that happens daily.

        I think there are less and less mudsharks every year, and there never were more than a tiny handful before. Most white women I have known that were into thuggish men go for the white tattooed biker guys.


  2. PsychOps tip: never call them ,thugs’. Not only is it a compliment, by default you embrace its opposite, ‘wimp.’ While they are strong, call them belittling names: nog, jar-jar, chimpanzee, and the like. Only after we win, do we call them scary names like ‘thugs’ to glorify our struggle.


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