Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks 4

So I’m in a hipster bookstore/cafe last week, and I’m browsing through the stacks and see the “Romance” section. I figure, hey, I should read one of these things if I’m ever going to write romance novels myself. I read one third of a “young adult” romance novel at the library when I was about 13, but other than that I’ve never actually read one of the most popular genres of fiction.

So I’m browsing and one book catches my attention. It’s not some frontier woman getting her bodice ripped by a Fabio-type in Ren Fair get-up, it’s sort of “tech-y” looking and intended for the “modern gal” or a sassy college co-ed or up-and-coming career woman. Well, the tag line said it all. No need to actually read the whole book. The tag line sums up “game” and all the “mano-sphere” bitching in one simple sentence fragment:

“Two hard-to-get guys that are worth pulling out all the tricks for!”

See? That’s it. A couple of the Christians on Dalrock were upset over the concept of teaching young Christian men “game” and they made a really great comparison. Teaching “game” to young men is the equivalent of teaching this to young women: “stick out your boobs, then bend over really far and show him your ass, then ‘accidentally’ brush up against his chest while pouting your lips.”

Yeah, being a cocky, arrogant asshole turns women on in the same mechanical way that jiggling boobies and asses turn men on. There’s no great secret, and women’s sexuality is not particularly subtle. In fact, you can literally smell them getting aroused.

But once you get that out of the way, the real complaint from the “manosphere” is not about women getting turned on by cocky arrogant assholes, per se. It’s the fact that white women don’t make good wives post-feminism and birth control. Our system, that we men set up – monogamy – doesn’t particularly appeal to women, and since we let them vote and drive cars, they did what any normal women would do, and became amateur prostitutes. I mean, if you had the opportunity to be some James Bond type womanizer, wouldn’t you? Absent some sort of religious or moral scruples, most men would. It’s our nature.

It’s sort of a step towards eusociality, like a beehive or an ant hill. I personally welcome a future where women do all the work and men are pampered for one job: fucking the queen, and getting waited on by an army of female workers. Sounds good to me.

The only problem, of course, is that women actually can’t do that much. As what’s her name the feminist said, if society was left in women’s hands we’d all be living in grass huts. Women can’t build bridges or do fantastic feats of engineering. They are more into talking about their feelings and stuff. And while lots of women can cook very well, the serious chefs are all men.

Women, generally speaking, are inferior to men.

So the problem, as usual, is men. We actually put up with women because they look pretty and their boobies jiggle. We actually trusted them to be our “equals” and gave them jobs far over their heads, then still bail them out when they screw up and bat their eyelashes for help.

Steve Sailer once said it about the finance industry. Lots of smart women go into finance, but as soon as they snag themselves an investment banker, they generally quit to have his children. If you ever hang around the artsy types, you’ll find that most women artists don’t care about art, per se, they get turned on by artists, so hang around pretending to paint or whatever until they can find themselves an artist to fuck them. It’s the same in any industry.

You’ll notice that women cannot form groups by themselves. I mean, just about every single tribe of people in history has an army. Men naturally form complex hierarchies which can accomplish amazing things, from building bridges to genocide.

Women can feed babies and gather berries and the like, but they can’t get along with each other enough to actually do anything complex, like start a large corporation or start a social movement. Even feminism was started by men. That’s why the Amazons and the Amazon Warrior archetypes are mythology; a sexual fantasy about women actually being equal, much less superior, to men. I mean, women are so inferior to men that lots of men have a sexual fantasy about a woman dominating them, because in real life women can barely dominate their pet puppies.

Women, collectively and individually, have contributed virtually nothing to science, the arts, and culture in general. They can’t, just like it’s the male peacocks that have the bright tail feathers.

You’ll notice there is zero hostility from me about younger women. They are just girls, being girls, I can’t see any reason to be disappointed in them. My hostility is reserved for older women, the ones who were given every opportunity to contribute, and have given us nothing – virtually nothing – useful. We have three generations of women in the workforce and still, most women CEOs (Yahoo, HP) slept their way to the top. What women in the workforce mostly contribute is whining about a “hostile workplace” and a “glass ceiling” (a conspiracy theory in which mean nasty men won’t recognize her girl genius and promote her.) It’s the older women that – instead of doing their job and mentoring the younger women – just double down on their moronic bra-burning and whining that men won’t bring them flowers anymore.

We put up with women because they had children – they created human life. They don’t do that much anymore. White women, certainly, just have the one or two kids at best, and half the time they won’t even raise them themselves, but shuttle them off to public skool. So why do we still direct so many resources to women, when they are failing so miserably at the one job they are supposed to be doing?

I can get away with saying these things because, since high school, I’ve never had to “wait” for a second date. They can’t write me off as a bitter loser who can’t get laid. I’m not sure if I’ve ever “waited” for the second date. More than once I’ve made them wait for a second date. But I’m one of those “hard to get guys that are worth pulling out all the tricks for.”

Sorry about you betas. My girlfriend woke up yesterday, smiling, told me I gave her “the best orgasm of my life” and made me breakfast after I slapped her on her ass. The funny thing is, that’s literally true but no one would believe me anyway.

The way to stop being a beta is to ignore women – especially, the aging bitter shrews – and form your mannerbund, whether it’s a garage band, a start up, or a street gang. You build you own kitchen, then watch as the women line up, taking their shoes off waiting for an opportunity to come inside.

But once you are in that position – why settle for one? Polygamy is better than serial monogamy, for men. Take two or three. And if any give you any lip, kick them to the curb and trade in for a younger model.

Some girls give me money
Some girls buy me clothes
Some girls give me jewelry
That I never thought I’d own
Some girls give me diamonds
Some girls, heart attacks
Some girls I give all my bread to
I don’t ever want it back
Some girls give me jewelry
Others buy me clothes
Some girls give me children
I never asked them for

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