I Am Officially ‘Not Racist’

Because I don’t have any black friends!


Who would want to be friends with some black woman that constantly whines about white people? This one was actually raised by white people in a white town, and you can see how thankful she is!

I would tell our white neighbors in casual playground conversations that our priority was not to find a school with three poor black kids and 600 middle-class white kids, but a school with kids and teachers who are African and African American, Asian and Hispanic, Muslim and Hindu, gay and lesbian, mixed race and socio-economically along the spectrum. More often than not, the responses I got from neighbors were sociable smiles indicating that diversity is nice, but, so long as the curriculum was solid, it felt fine for their children to learn in predominantly white classrooms … even though the result would be predominately white friends.

Just read it and laugh, these people are hysterical.

Your friendships with black people will not end racism today, but they will almost certainly teach you how to understand it better. And, right now, what is the alternative?

What’s the alternative? Not giving a shit. Try it sometimes. To paraphrase Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate:

Anti-racism is like a bag of bricks. Who are you carrying around all those bricks for? Just set it down.

5 thoughts on “I Am Officially ‘Not Racist’

    1. I cannot find that part of the speech on youtube (it happens right before or right after the main Al Pacino speech) with that line. I think it is “guilt is like a bag of brick you carry around. … who are you carrying all those bricks for anyway? God? … (main speech) … just set it down.”

      Great movie. MW always references the line “never let them see you coming.”


  1. This is “jewish propaganda for the goyim”. And certain sections of the goyim are dumb enough to fall for it. Notice that Israel, the jewish state, is a home for Jews only. Israel builds huge walls to keep non-Jews out, deports non-jews, has medical people that have given drugs to black Africans to stop them for having babies, has groups dedicated to stopping Jews and arabs from dating, and doesn’t allow marriage ceremonies between Jews and non-jews.

    Jews demand the opposite for the USA and Europe.

    Jews will use other ethnic groups to attack European Caucasian peoples. Like blacks, for example.


      1. “Israeli Supreme Court legalized racial segregation”

        I haven’t heard about it. That sounds like subject for a post entry for you. After all, a Israeli columnist endorsed genocide recently. So, I guess legal segregation seems tame. Of course, many of the leading anti-segregationist lawyers and scholars in the USA(and South Africa) were Jewish.


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