Mad Men

I realize I’m way late to the party here, like years late, but I finally saw Mad Men, at least, the first season. Some random thoughts.

1. I thought I was going to watch a TV show about the glory days of WASP America, instead, it’s nothing but Jew propaganda and an actual piece of Zionist propaganda including an advertisement for the shitty little country. I mean really, Don Draper can only console himself in the arms of the Jewess daughter of a Jew shopkeeper. She’s just so “deep” one presumes. That romance was so obviously tacked-on to be Jew friendly and it sort of ruined the whole thing.

2. Men should start wearing suits to work again. Believe it or not, it makes the whole process easier, all you have to do is pick a color.

3. Draper’s wife is every man’s fantasy bride. Super hot, loving, a good mother, a good cook, and looks the other way when you go out for some strange. Sign me up.

4. The rich kid that is always trying to take Draper’s job, what’s his name? His wife is super-hot too. I want both.

5. The scene with Draper smoking pot with the jew-hippies is pretty hysterical.

Draper: The universe is indifferent.

Jew-Hippie: Aww, man, why did you have to go and say that?

6. Now we understand why we needed feminism. Back in 1960, 99% of men were highly paid ad executives in Manhattan with big offices and multiple women and smacked their secretaries on the ass daily, and 99% of women were their secretaries who just had to put up with it. No wonder Gloria Steinem came along and freed the slaves women.

7. Along with the suits, bring back the drinking and smoking at work. YOLO!

8. Oy vey, the anti-semitism!

Roger Sterling: How do I put this, have we ever hired any Jews?

Don Draper: Not on my watch!

9. You can tell the show was written by a Jew, because, of course, the American hero is literally the son of a prostitute and a total phoney. Jews, they can’t let us have anything, now can they? Bunch of bitter ingrates I tell ya. There’s a reason we had restricted clubs.

10. Joan Harris – Oh … My … God … I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. Muslims can have their 47 virgins, I just want two smoking hot redheads that look like Joan Harris.

“It looks complicated but the men who designed it made it simple enough for a woman to use.”

Next up – I just saw a classic Robin Williams movie about feminism, The World According to Garp. Freaking hysterical!

2 thoughts on “Mad Men

  1. I had never noticed that subtext too much, but it’s everywhere so you get kind of used to it. The one big moment of weakness Draper shows in the whole series is with the department store lady.

    I liked watching it but it’s nothing too special. Weiner went and ripped on Breaking Bad, which is a freaking masterpiece, so I lost a lot of respect for him and his show.

    One part that was interesting is when Draper is in California, visiting the wife of the guy he stole the name from, and he sees a couple of regular guys working on a hot rod. He goes over and introduces himself as Dick Whittington. He looks envious, like he wished he had never done the whole thing. California was a working man’s paradise for decades, but that came to an end around 1990.


    1. Oh yeah, Breaking Bad was awesome. I only saw up until the Mexican in the wheelchair blew up the Dominican Drug Lord that ran the chicken franchise. I think there are two more season but I haven’t gotten to them yet.

      Mad Men, seriously, every single episode was about Jews, total deceptive advertizing. And really, the Jewess character is so shallow despite supposedly being this “deep” character. That subplot is the least interesting. Plus, how overt is all that Zionist propaganda?

      “One thing about Israelis, never cross them.” “The idea of Israel must exist.” “The best thing Israel has going for it is the people are good looking. The Jews there sure don’t look like the Jews here!”

      They even had the Jewess explaining why, if she loves Israel so much, she doesn’t go there.

      To think that as recently as Seinfeld, they used to downplay the Jew thing and just sort of imply it. Now, Hollyweird has come out of the Jew closet. They don’t even try to be subtle anymore.


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