Truthers And Liars And “Conspiracy Theories”

“They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.” — George Carlin

It’s my new mantra: “I don’t believe it.” I find it works with a lot of things.

Whenever I’m in the mood for some high brow White Nationalism, I head over to Greg Johnson’s “Counter Currents” which publishes a huge number of various authors loosely associated with the “New Right.” I’ve been reading Greg Johnson for years, and I find my own ideas pretty much match with his, but one thing about him annoys me to no end – his pathetic lashing out at “conspiracy theorists” and even using that all-purpose political slur, “tinfoil hatters.” This makes Johnson not only an asshole, and a tool, it also calls his credibility and character into question.

From what I can tell, the term “conspiracy theorist” orginiated after the JFK assassination. People who did not buy the official story were said to believe in a “wider conspiracy.” We now actually have declassified CIA documents suggesting purposeful use of the term to discredit various political dissident.

Well, I’m a “conspiracy theorist” because I don’t believe any of it – nothing of the post WWII American story is true, it’s all lies, all sleight of hand. If you believe it – fine, but I just don’t buy it.

Did a handful of Freemasons really play golf on the moon during the Nixon administration? I don’t believe it. Oh sure, I can’t prove it to you, but you can’t prove it to me either. I’ve seen the video – looks fake as hell to me. Got anything better?

But I tell you what, it doesn’t matter if you believe it, and I don’t believe it, because no one even talks about putting men on the moon anymore. NASA has said they can’t do it. NASA says they can’t make a space suit that will protect an astronaut from micro-meteors and radiation. One supposes they just lost the technology along with the original tapes. So, it’s been over 50 years, no more moon landings. No one has been out of earth’s orbit.

So, if you want me to believe in your Moon Landing theory, show me some evidence. I’m perfectly aware of what is passed off as evidence, but “I don’t believe it.” You can’t prove it, and either way, no more moon landings. Remember – when you are on your deathbed – reading this article, and remember these words as you die without ever seeing another Moon Landing, and think of me when you get that feeling of being an idiot who bought a silly little fairy tale story. Because you and I will be dead before there is ever “another” Moon Landing.

I find it interesting that no less of a person than former President Bill Clinton, in his autobiography, mentions the Moon Landing only once, in an anecdote where he talks to a skeptic and admits that, now that he’s seen how Washington works, the skeptic was onto something. Bill Clinton made sure that history records his doubts about the Nixon-era publicity stunt.

I also don’t buy that JFK was killed by a Magic Bullet from that blatant patsy Lee Harvey Oswald, who acted alone. You can whine and whine about “conspiracy theories” and “tinfoil hats” and the like, but none of that changes the reality, and the evidence that we have – very good circumstantial evidence that it was the CIA, and likely George W. Bush himself, working for the CIA and Johnson. So, if you want me to believe the story about Lee Harvey Oswald, come up with a theory that explains the evidence. You can’t. I don’t believe your theory, your explanation doesn’t make sense.

Of course, 9/11 is exactly the same way. We have a video that clearly shows three buildings being blown up, we have thousands of eye-witness accounts of the buildings being blown up, with have hundreds of people who witnesses bombs going off in the buildings before and after the plane hits. We can, in fact, see the demolition charges exploding and destroying the tower. Thanks to the heroic efforts of scientists like Neils Harrit of the University of Copenhaged and Dr. Steve Jones of Brigham Young Unversity, we actually have the proof – thermitic material in the dust of the World Trade Center – the same themetic material patented by the Army a few years prior for the purposes of “building demolition.”

It’s an open and shut case. The Truth have the evidence, and the liars have name-calling. But, if we come up with a theory that actually accounts for all that evidence, we just get smeared with the same moronic slur: “conspiracy theorist” or “tinfoil hat.”

I don’t know anything about that recent beheading, but quite a number of people think the video is fake. Johnson, being an asshole, talks about how he’s so “tired” of the “tinfoil hat” brigade. Johnson has now, more than once, admitted he simply prefers simple explanations of these things that don’t require him to look at the evidence – it’s a very pragmatic understanding of “truth” – that. In other words, he’s fine with a lie as long as it’s an easy lie.

9/11 Truth is one of the most forbidden subjects of the modern era. It’s impossible to understand Obama’s recent war against ISIS without the context of 9/11 Truth. So the counter currents crowd is in the middle of a fight – is Obama attacking ISIS for Israel, or for generic American imperialist policy? None of it makes sense if you actually believe the official story about 9/11.

But in the context of 9/11 Truth, the actions of American policy makers make perfect sense. The war on ISIS is just a continuation of the 9/11 wars. In fact, General Wes Clark 10 years ago explained to us what was going to happen, and everything he predicted has, in fact, happened. Clark, interestingly, is a “crypto-truther” and has actually called 9/11 a “coup” – although he calls it a “policy coup” to keep away from that most terrible of slurs, “conspiracy theorist.”

(Just for fun, FYI: I have personally met Wes Clark several times, implored him to help with 9/11 Truth, and donated a shit ton of money to his campaign.)

It amazes me that White Nationalists – who are routinely accused of promoting a “conspiracy theory” that white countries are being targeted for mass immigration – are so quick to distance themselves from the truth about something as important as 9/11. If the ruling class is going to replace its population by bringing in masses of often violent and hostile immigrants, why would the idea that that same ruling class would kill a few thousand of its own citizens?

About this time, 13 years ago, we had the Anthrax Attacks. The anthrax was tested, and it was traced to Ft. Deitrick, Maryland. Some patsy, Bruce Ivins I think, was set up to take the fall and wound up “committing suicide” apparently. A new revelation in that case – there was already a plan to fake an anthrax attack and blame it on … Russia! Almost certainly, military plans for a false flag anthrax attack had been around forever, and who would get blamed depended on whatever the political needs were at the time. Once, it was Russia, but when the plan was actually carried out, it was blamed on radical Muslims.

“Death to America, Death to Israel. Praise Allah.”

If you actually believed that was written by a radical Muslim – congrats – you’re a fucking moron. Do we need to spell it out?

The 9/11 Truth movement has actually done quite a bit of research into why people have a hard time accepting the obvious truth. Even smart people can have a cognitive bias against certain truths they feel uncomfortable with. Another quite straight-forward explanation is simple cowardice, and Americans are a cowardly group of people.

It really does reveal the nature of the ruling class – and the nature of the military – that they openly plan for false flag attacks against their own citizens. It was unofficial NSA historian James Bamford that published the declassified Operation Northwoods paper – and he published it just before 9/11.

I remember, because I bought his book when it came out, from a bookstore in the mall on the first floor the World Trade Center.

There’s also good reason to think that virtually all of the terrorist events of the Obama administration – from the Batman shooting to the Boston Bombing to the mass shootings at Sandy Hook were all, in fact, false flags, inside jobs, and set ups. It’s interesting that when comfronted with this information, quite a number of people react with something like, “what do you think *everything* is a conspiracy?”

Pretty much, yeah. The preponderance of the evidence, circumstantial and otherwise, says yes. Why would this surprise you? Government have always ruled by deception, false flags have been known since classical antiquity. What other explanation is there?

We have many, many declassified documents and accounts that CIA used to torture/brainwash people to become assasins. So, why is it a surprise?

I used to be a very close reader of the mainstream press post-9/11. It’s actually surprising how openly 9/11 Truth, and the truth about other such false flags, were printed, if you knew how to read the code, so to speak. The technique is, you lay out the facts, but never draw the obvious conclusion, or dismiss the obvious conclusion with a sleight of hand. That “Al Qaeda” is essentially a fake organization make up of CIA assets was pretty openly discussed by the BBC way the hell back in 2004. Did you miss it? That Iraq didn’t have any “weapons of mass destruction” was openly announced all over the place. That the CIA had been co-opted by the “Office of Special Plans” who was “sexing up the intelligence” was admitted *while it happened.*

Apparently, you people, and assholes like Greg Johnson, just didn’t bother to read.

How dim are you people? Adam Pearlman – a fucking Jew from California – was all over TV as the “media coordinator for Al Qaeda.” Again, are you people dim? They don’t even try that hard to make the story believable – and that’s on purpose. The story is supposed to smell like bullshit, so you can find out exactly who the suckers are, the people who “want to believe.”

The Bali bombings, the London bombings, the Madrid bombings – all almost certainly carried out by the CIA front group “Al Qaeda.”

Now, no one can accuse me of being philo-semitic or in any way, shape, or form sympathetic to the Apartheid Regime of Jew Bigotry in Zionist Occupied Palestine. I’m a huge fan of Kevin MacDonald and think his analysis of Jewish hostility to whites, the West, and Christianity is 100% correct. But the morons who blame everything on the Jews are quite often Jews themselves. It’s part of the schtick. Let me be blunt, when I read an internet handle that uses “1488” – mixing David Lane’s 14 Words with “Heil Hitler” – my very first assumption is that it’s a Jew. I know for a fact, personally, that there are lots of Jews that love nothing more than pretending to be Cartoon Nazis for both the sheer fun of it as well as attempting to discredit any pro-white cause. I mean, remember “Frank Colin” – aka Frances Cohen, the Jew who pretended to be a Nazi and talked about how he wanted to kill all the Jews? Yeah, he was Jewish himself and getting paid by the ADL. A false flag. Same with likely half of the White Nationalist 1.0 movement.

WNs seem to get this wrong quite a bit. While there is no question that Organized Jewry is very powerful, and very anti-white, we have a very white ruling class in America that is just as hostile as the Jews. Clans like the Bushes, titans like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet – these people are as against our interests as Jews are – for different reasons, perhaps. You don’t have to be a philo-semite to notice that Exxon, Halliburton, and much of the military industrial complex is, in fact, very, very White.

You know, in many ways, the non-whites – even the anti-whites – are right about certain things. Frankly, I’ve always been rather sympathetic to the Black Nationalists. Their “conspiracy theories” are very often correct. Yes, white people are racist against blacks, yes, even “nice white liberals” are racist against blacks. Yes, the CIA was the main group importing all that cocaine in the 1980s, and yes, the CIA was supplying the crack dealers that destroyed all those black neighborhoods. Yep. Yep, the Jim Jones cult was a CIA conspiracy to target black people, and yes, all those blacks in Jamestown didn’t commit suicide, they were murdered by the CIA. Yep, the CIA did all sorts of experiments on blacks. Yep – even AIDS likely has it’s origins in various biological weapons programs. Malcom X was right, dude. I’m as racist as they come, and even I admit it.

You tell people, “politicians lie” and they will nod their heads, but when you say, “this politician lied about this particular thing” all of a sudden they turn cowardly, afraid to acknowledge the truth.

Deception is constant; it’s the null case. The way to tell when someone is lying is when they open their mouths. Why is there this assumption that most human communication is true, as opposed to false?

I used to grill my younger relatives about whether or not they believed various “reality shows.” To me, it’s quite obvious all those reality shows are more or less “improvisational acting” – I was in the drama club one semester. It’s not rocket science. It’s interesting, my young relative “know” – “intellectually” – that the reality shows are “fake” – it’s “acting” – but at the same time, they really do “suspend their disbelief” and sort of “believe” that it’s “real.” It’s professional wrestling.

Lying – the creation of false narratives – is the most effective way to control people. And it’s amazing how otherwise very intelligent people will believe bullshit because they either want to believe, or are simply to cowardly not to.

5 thoughts on “Truthers And Liars And “Conspiracy Theories”

  1. It gets a bit confusing when you talk about Jonestown. I recall that most of Jim Jones’s congregation were liberal Whites. Can you clarify the point about CIA slaughter of blacks there?


    1. 85%+ of the people that died in Jonestown were black. It’s another one of those cases where the evidence is so comprehensive, it’s just a testament to the power of the TV that people still believe the cover story.


    2. Were the blacks the original California congregation members or hired workers?

      What would be the governments use in sending some preachet’s followers to a Guyanese jungle and killing them there?


      1. I assume they were killed to cover up the program; it’s likely why they bombed that mental hospital in Grenada.

        It was obvious a human experimentation program – very typical for the CIA at the time, lots of druggings, torture, brainwashing, etc. Not particularly different than Gitmo. While some of the people were “volunteers” – people who had joined the cult – some were literally tied and, stuck in the back of a plane, and flown down there.

        The CIA wanted/needed a Marxist/Black Revolutionary movement, so they created one.


  2. Brilliant article. And you talk of America, but it’s essentially the same here in Europe.

    Funny thing is that many of the so-called conspiracy theories are based on readily available material – the best example for me would be taking a regular person unaware of the Jewish problem and scared of the whole “anti-Semitism” thing and showing that person e.g. a couple of David Duke videos. Boom, mindset recalibration. It’s often that easy – I know, cause I’ve done it several times.


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