How To Program A Beta Sex Kitten

Ever watch all those Hollywood stars that always have the hot girlfriends who probably do anything they want? Well, you don’t need to be a Hollywood Celebrity, MK-Ultra staffer, or an Illuminati Puppet Master to program your own Beta Sex Kitten. Using the principles of operant conditioning and the street knowledge of pimps everywhere, you can turn a hot young woman into your own personal sex slave with a simple formula.

1. Control her environment.

The easiest way to do this, is just to have a great place. She will be spending time at your place, in your environment, so she’s going to automatically submit to your rules. And if she wants to be there, she will do things to make you happy, thus keeping her there. Now, if you’re a poor college student, you can actually use that to your advantage. You’re probably naturally a pig, so it’s quite likely she will start cleaning up your place just because she wants to spend time there. When she does this, make sure you reward her (a spanking usually does the trick.)

2. Control her emotions.

Just think of it as “push-pull.” As soon as you’ve made her happy, change the emotions. You want her to be constantly guessing, so you have to make sure that she cannot predict your emotions. So, if she does something nice, like say, cook you dinner, sometimes react positively, and sometimes react negatively. On a regular basis, blow up into a fit of rage – not only does this keep the psychological pressure on her, the display of masculine anger will get her sexually aroused.

3. Pleasure and Pain

Think of it like being a DJ, and you are mixing two records, one called Pleasure, and the other called Pain. As long as you keep the two records close in volume, you can turn both records up surprisingly loud, due to a trick in human psychology. A woman can handle a lot more pain if she is simultaneously experiencing a lot of pleasure. Your goal is to put her in “sub space” which is a sort of dissassociative psychological state. A typical and easy way to do this is to ramp the pleasure and pain up high enough that she gets a rush of endorphins. This is very similar to what happens when someone gets hurt very badly, there will be a rush of endorphins that will temporarily overcome the pain with pleasure.

4. Drugs

I can’t stress this one enough. Cocaine, MDMA, and various pharmaceuticals are best. You don’t necessarily want to get her addicted, you just want her to psychologically associate you – her drug dispenser – with all the various pleasure she will get from the drugs.

5. Alternate Personalities

This is key. During various sexual episodes, introduce role-playing. You want her to create an “alternate persona” that isn’t “really her.” This is useful in many ways, but one particular way is that it lowers her sexual inhibitions; it’s not “really her” doing anal, getting facials and threesomes, it’s just “role playing” – it’s just “acting.” Then, try to get her to do this role-playing even outside of sex. Make at least one, perhaps two, various characters she can play. Just like an actress, at times she will be so into playing her role she won’t subconsciously make the distinction between “really her” and the role she’s playing. It’s also useful to be degrading – not only is humiliation a huge turn on for a lot of women, it also helps create the distinction between her “real self” and her alter.

6. Enjoy Porn Star Quality Sex

Sure, for some guys, she may demand dinner, dates, and presents for 5 minutes of missionary position. But for her Handler, she will be servicing your vigorously and willingly. In a sense, she will feel she has to, that you are “controlling” her in subconscious ways that she “can’t help.” But in another sense, she will want to – in fact, she will want nothing more than to service you in any way you like, to make you happy.

7. Make Money

Once she’s good to go, rent her to others. This can provide a great second income and make you rich and powerful friends.

8. Rinse and Repeat

When you get good at this, you can have more than one. The conditioning usually doesn’t last forever, so you’re likely going to have to keep introducing more women anyway. Just think of it as growing a garden.

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