Da White Man’s Science

So, remember, the US and Turkey are major allies. The Turks had been genociding the Kurds for 20 years, and with the US invading Iraq, they wanted to go ahead and openly take over. But the Israelis wanted to work with the Kurds, against Iraq and Iran. Two months before 9/11 – when the neo-cons were planning the war against Iraq, they told Turkey – no, they couldn’t take over Kurdistan, because the Israelis were working with the Kurds, against Iran. Turkey was pissed, so the would not officially let the US launch planes from NATO bases in Turkey.

Do even of your morons even remember this major international event covered all over the news? Probably not. I bet now you think it’s a “conspiracy theory.”

So, one interesting thing – when the Turks were genociding the Kurds, the most famous “human rights activist” and “dissident American intellectual” – Noam Chomsky – was telling the story of how the Kurds were being massacred by Turkey, and how Turkey was NATO, and isn’t it horrible what all you White Privilege Americans and your allies Turkey are doing to these innocent people.

Of course, Noam Chomsky – a Jew, of course – went around the country telling White Americans how “racist” they were, but for some reason just forgot to mention how Israel – his people, Jews – were involved in the same thing, they just wanted to work with Kurdish terrorists to massacre Persians and Turks.

Noam Chomsky was “the” left wing intellectual during the 1980s and 1990s, he sold millions of books and had a very famous hagiography about him, Manufacture of Consent.

Of course, Noam Chomsky spent the rest of his career, after 9/11, attacking the 9/11 Truth movement. He said “who care who did it, people get killed all the time” and called 9/11 Truthers “conspiracy theorists.”

During that time, Dr. Steven Jones of Brigham Young University – the guy who studied multiple samples of the World Trade Center dust and discovered evidence of the now almost certain method of demolition – thermetic material, a modified form of thermite – that had apparently just been patented by the Army a few years before – was getting his life threatened, his family threaten, and was eventually fired for his job for performing 10th Grade Physics.

I just read Greg Johnson’s Counter Currents 10 Year Anniversary threads – more than half a dozen articles about 9/11 – and what is really funny, there’s not a single actual piece of EVIDENCE – nor any sort of PHYSICS analysis – you know, PHYSICS – that discovery of the White Man that allows us to build skyscrapers in the first place? – nope, the Big Brains over at Counter Currents – including Matt Parrott – for whatever reason don’t like to discuss EVIDENCE, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, nor any of that “White Man’s Magic” – the Counter Currents crowd would rather discuss ancient religions, the Old Testament, Jews, Christians, and Matt Parrot making sure we all knows he doesn’t believe in any of that “weird archaeology” but never the less is still a Mormon and his religion is really important….but he sure as hell doesn’t believe in any “crazy conspiracy theory” like that there were bombs in the WTC and that the buildings were demolished.


That’s why Greg Johnson lets him write on Counter Current apparently, because he doesn’t believe in any of those “conspiracy theories” like the controlled demolition of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7.

You see, the way Noam Chomsky kept his “credibility” was by never breathing a world about Dr. Steven Jones of Brigham Young University nor Dr. Neils Harrit of the University of Copenhagen nor architect Richard Gage of Architects and Engineer for 9/11 Truth – you know, White men, scientists, physicists, and people that had actually looked at the physical evidence.

The way you know that guys like Noam Chomsky, Greg Johnson, and Matt Parrot have the Big Brains is because they want to talk about Magic, not Science. Science, apparently, is a “conspiracy theory” and people who believe in science and evidence are “crazy.”

You know, the White Man’s Science. It’s probably racist anyway.

7 thoughts on “Da White Man’s Science

  1. Oh yeah, and the Big Brain at Counter Currents – whatever his name is, the one that wrote that Alex Jones is “useful” for forming our “IRA” like “guerrilla cells” – *snicker* – his article bashing the 9/11 Truth movement actually match word for word in some places the hit piece on the 9/11 movement done by some Jew on NPR, also for the 10th anniversary.

    I mean, really, it’s just amazing that Counter Currents, for the 10th Anniversary, was repeating Jew, NPR, and Noam Chomsky talking points, and whichever Big Brain wrote that article, positions himself as some sort of “realistic” guy because Alex Jones prepares the public for the Coming IRA Guerrilla War.

    LOL, I made fun of Firepower, but he looks like a reasonable, rational guy compared to these wankers.

    No wonder no one takes the WN movement seriously.

    As for me, well, this is what I was doing on the 10th Anniversary:


    Really, read the Counter Currents articles, read what Greg Johnson, Matt Parrott, and the rest are saying – look at what they are doing – and tell me it’s any different than what Noam Chomsky is doing here. Go read the NPR book by that jew that smeared all of the White Men – scientists – as “old guys just wanting to solve some mystery” – really, that’s what passes for “realism” these days.

    With “friends” like these, who needs jews?


  2. Jonathan Kay – that was the NPR Jew’s name.

    Isn’t it interesting that the entire Counter Current crowd was repeating NPR Jew Jonathan Kay’s talking points at precisely the same time that Jonathan Kay was. Amazing, in some cases it’s near word for word.

    I mean, there’s no conspiracy theory, it’s just that the Big Brains at Counter Current – Greg Johnson and Matt Parrott – listen to NPR and think, “yeah that jew is right, all those White physicists, chemists, architects and other scientists are just ‘crazy conspiracy theorists’ – we better keep our White Nationalist movement far away from them! In fact, let’s pile on attacking the White Truthers too, just like the jew is. That’s the ticket.”

    Really, this is the movement leaders? Keep far, far, far away from science, physics, chemistry, evidence, witnesses – anything that reeks of reality – we’d instead like to talk about some ancient tribe of blah blah blah.

    So fucking lame.


  3. See, here’s the difference between a WN leader of character – Kevin MacDonald – and a cowardly little bitch, Greg Johnson.

    While Kevin MacDonald has talked about the fact of Israeli and US foreknowledge, he has remained silent on how the building were demolished.

    Greg Johnson – who obviously takes his cues from Kevin MacDonald – acknowledges everything Kevin MacDonald does – but then Greg Johnson goes around smearing the 9/11 Truth movement. Kevin MacDonald has never smeared the 9/11 truth movement – but Greg Johnson does, every time the subject comes up. Kevin MacDonald merely remains silent on the evidence of controlled demolition, the discoveries of thermitic material in the dust – but Johnson goes out of his way to smear and slander truthers and calls the demolition hypothesis – the one that matches the physical, chemical, motion, eyewitness, and video EVIDENCE – and calls all that a “conspiracy theory.”

    Can you understand the difference?

    The record is so clear, for more than five years now.

    Those in the WN movement that actively attack 9/11 Truth are frauds, phoneys, working from the same set of talking points as the long, long line of Jews that have been at the forefront of attacking 9/11 truth for 13 years now.

    OK, I guess it’s time to go back to whacking off to your IRA Militia fantasies – the FBI and the $PLC thank you for that.


    1. It’s frustrating that so many of the potentially great men in the movement – the brilliant writers and intellectuals, and many of the men of charisma – let us down in one way or another. I almost never look at Counter-Currents, Alternative Right, or Radix, but the last time I was at the latter, there was an article by Gregory Hood that bought into the whole official narrative on the off-camera ISIS “beheadings” of probable CIA asset Foley and confirmed Israeli citizen Sotloff. I didn’t bother to read the piece as soon as I detected that it was just going to be another vilification of Islam. (yawn)

      Jared Taylor and Sam Dickson are also potentially great men, both very articulate and with an air of respectability, but useless dupes or dissimulators when it comes to “conspiracy theories”. AmRen even had a story that endorsed “Holocaust” orthodoxy. Then there’s a character like RamZPaul, not really an intellectual, but a likable guy with a winning personality that could be harnessed to convert whites who are sitting on the fence or are too lazy to read. He could be the face of a movement, but then he goes and alienates his core audience and misleads casual YouTube viewers by being soft on Israel – and, judging by his impromptu talk at AmRen – he’s a WW2 apologist, as well.

      Libertarian Realist, as I wrote, is another such individual. The man’s mind and logic are razor-sharp, but he hasn’t broken completely with respectable Mises-brand libertarianism to finally face the Jewish Question. I guess these guys are afraid of scaring away potential sponsorship in some cases or of being branded “Nazis”, but whatever it is, it’s a problem. My experience is that it’s the blue collar guys, who aren’t so well-spoken, who are frequently the ones telling the whole truth, and (generally) nothing but the truth. Mike Delaney comes to mind. I think he’s done great things and genuinely cares, but he’s too rough around the edges and not the sort of persona who’s going to show intelligent whites the error of their ways.

      Edgar Steele, if he hadn’t been somewhat creepy-looking and hadn’t gotten himself trapped by the authorities, might have been the best all-around man the movement had until recent years. That’s one man we can never replace.


      1. I slag on Greg Johnson because he doesn’t just pretend to buy into the 9/11 mythology, he has, for years now, actively attacked 9/11 truthers. He is clearly intelligent enough to understand 9th grade physics.

        As for RamZPaul, I don’t think he’s soft on the Israel Lobby at all, and has even questioned Holocaust Orthodoxy. I wonder, too, about alienating his core audience. I’ve changed core audiences three times now. This blog used to be full of WN women commenters that used to openly flirt with me. But they got mad about the manosphere type stuff and were embarassed they liked the sex stuff. Apparently, though, they still read religiously.

        I mean, Viking Bitch made a whole thread about me, about the obviously somewhat sarcastic “snorting cocaine off a stripper’s ass” stuff. I think WN attracts outrage junkies, and no one is more of an outrage junkies than women about sex.

        I don’t know the details, but I’m just not buying this ISIS stuff. Remember the Nick Berg beheading of 2004? That seemed likely fake as well, and the guys under the hoods seemed awfully white – and in fact, had the builds of beefy Marines.

        As we can see, they don’t even need to try that hard, because people WANT to believe.

        Eh, what can you do?


  4. I can’t find it now, but Ram did some video saying white people should stop blaming Jews for what’s happening to America. I know he makes fun of Jewish hypocrisy sometimes, but he’s also said he supports the Jewish state, and this one particular video where he said to stop blaming Jews for events came across to me as total misdirection given that people’s history of overt and covert aggression against us.


    1. In theory, I don’t have any problem with Israel. I’d prefer if they all go there. I wouldn’t think we should take RamZPaul at face value anyway, considering his schtick is just that.

      But yeah, it’s slim pickins as far as leadership.


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