Fire At 9/11 Memorial Conveniently Destroys More Evidence

The headquarters building and some personal items belonging to the passengers and crew were destroyed in the fire on Friday

I would be very curious to know what sort of “personal items” belonging to the passengers and crew were destroyed. Didn’t Constantine’s wife make a small fortune selling “True Pieces of the Cross” and other such relics?

I remember growing up in Washington DC. We went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum every summer. My favorite exhibit was, of course, the Apollo 11 Lunar Lander. When we were kids they told us it was the real thing, the one that had been on the Moon. A few years later, they told us it was just a replica. Then, one year, it disappeared and I never saw it again.

Anyway, if you are creating a mythology, it’s best if the physical evidence doesn’t stick around long enough to be subjected to forensic analysis. They started shipping the steel beams from the World Trade Center to China within days of 9/11. You see, everyone thought there were bomb in the building, until “official word” came down from NYPD Chief Bernard Kerick saying, no, it was just the jet fuel (kerosene, essentially.) That’s why there is no such thing as a kerosene lamp made of metal, the whole thing would just collapse on itself.

A few years later Kerick went to prison for being connected to organized crime.

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