SNL does anti-white “PSA for White people” — it’s really a PSA for white liberals

Remember when SNL used to be funny?

Me neither. Although I have an older uncle who said it was funny in the 1970s. Then again, he was snorting so much cocaine back in those days I wouldn’t trust his judgement…

Aryan Skynet

Substitute “white liberals” for white people, and this is spot on. White people will persist; it’s these suicidal liberals that will be a distant memory in 2050.

This is textbook Mindwar from the Michael Aquino and Paul Vallely white paper, “From Psy-Ops to MindWar, the Psychology of Victory.”

MindWar is the deliberate, aggressive convincing of all participants in a war, that we will win that war.

Not working on us, liberals. It’s you who is going to go extinct, but we’re not going down with you.

Good riddance to you, libscum.

Comment from a libtard at at Crooks and Liars

lorelei23 • a day ago
If only some of the “whites” I know were as resigned. A lot of them want to go down fighting — as if that would help! lol

Damn right, Lorelei! And it is helping. Liberals are just ostriching about the White resistance. Stormfront has 400,000…

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