Ry Dawson vs. Libertarian Realist – Can You Dig It?

I gave up ideology altogether – what’s the point? Why do you need some ideology to tell you what to do? Be it conservatism, liberalism, libertarianism, socialism, whatever – who needs it? All you need is a) truth and b) pragmatism.

Also, Fetzer is a known disinfo artist whose sole purpose seems to be to attempt to discredit the 9/11 Truth movement.

Aryan Skynet

Libertarians are a motley lot. They come as minarchists, anarcho-capitalists, papists, Jonestowners, left-libertarian cultural Marxists, and paleolibertarian fogeys. Two of this writer’s favorite minor internet celebrities are Brad Trun, better known as the Libertarian Realist, and Ry Dawson, host of the Anti-Neocons Report. Two distinct species of libertarian commentator, Trun and Dawson are both remarkably bright young men, well-read, witty, and thoughtful beyond their years. Each, too, is in his own way a dupe.

Ry DawsonRy Dawson

Brad Trun, aka Libertarian Realist

Sadly, most varieties of libertarians, drunk with the Kool-Aid of postracialism, pretend that the freedoms they espouse are universally applicable in the world and in no way dependent upon ethnic segregation or racial integrity. Trun has done much to address this breach with his popular “Demographic Decline” travelogues and elucidations of the unavoidable implications of human biodiversity. Even Trun, however, has his limitations.

While quick to…

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