My Kind Of Guy!

In this story you’ll read about the sordid doings of one Thomas “Woody” Price, a man with a taste for drugs and young females.

I have to laugh at the “outrage” of the White Knights, that men like to have sex with young, hot women. For whatever reason, we’re supposed to be “shamed” by this. For some reason, we’re supposed to feel bad that we actually physically get off on sex, and sex with young, FERTILE, women. As opposed to, say, “challenging” middle aged women lawyers, or some such.

Your Jealousy Gets Me Off, Beta Boys
Your Jealousy Gets Me Off, Beta Boys

Well, count me in the “fan of drug fueled orgies with hot young women” club.

The fact of the matter is, the only reason these people post these stories – and pretend to be “outraged” – is because they themselves are titillated by the idea.

But since these “betas” can never have that – drug fueled orgies with hot young women – they pretend they are looking down on us – “morally.”

What it is is slave morality – they want to believe they are morally superior for not doing these things, when in reality, they just CAN’T do these things.

Sacramento County police said they tracked the pair to the hotel after Hall’s boyfriend dimed them out.

So, let’s see – jealous boyfriend upset that his girlfriend would rather be fucking an older man than him, so in a jealous rage he rats them out.

Hey, it happened to me. Some loser 24 year old tried to start a fight with me – even took a swing at me – because his 21 year old girlfriend was ignoring him to fuck my much older brains out. He was kicked out of the bar, and I took his girlfriend home for the next several weeks and taught her a few things. Later, he tried to be friends with me lol.

Life’s a bitch for a beta. Too bad, so sad!

— Sincerely,

A Horny Old Goat

(Although I will say, meth sucks – never do it. But cocaine? Eh … “just remember this fact, you can’t get it back – cocaine!”)

Free, white and 21!
Free, white and 21!

16 thoughts on “My Kind Of Guy!

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  2. Disagree with your analysis, Hipster. I have no problems with older men having young girlfriends. What is wrong here is that an old fool is going to prison, lost his job, and most likely will never work again, his “white privilege” notwithstanding.

    Instead of having real interactions with real women, the geezer bribed an obvious meth head to do whatever with him (I do not assume they were having sex; in many of these cases the two “hang out” together sharing drugs). He’s the gamma male, escaping into a zonked out fantasy world, not the real world that real men inhabit.

    And I speak from experience. When I was a professor, my girlfriends were scandalously much younger than me, but girls of good character. I had zero tolerance for drugs, so no I am not secretly titillated by drug-fueled orgies with hot young blondes. But if I was, I would not turn myself into a “john” by supplying them with drugs. They would have to supply me with drugs.

    Interacting with women who only want your money or your drugs is not exactly alpha male behavior. When they want to share your body and your mind, then we have a different story. That’s my opinion.


    1. Hey, bring back a law: no sex outside of marriage, no birth control, no abortion – I’ll follow that law.

      But that will never happen, because WOMEN don’t want that. It’s WOMEN, not men, that started the sexual revolution and the hookup culture. And it’s WOMEN, not men, that enable it.

      Until that happens, you can bitch about us “alphas” all you want, but your complaints are falling on deaf ears.

      Interacting with women who only want your money or your drugs is not exactly alpha male behavior.

      Women always want something from you – remember, women are “practical.” They admit it. Sure, you can get verbal praise from old women who aged out of Slut Club by denouncing guys like me – but that’s all you will get, verbal praise.

      Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do. What do they do? Sex up guy like me while telling guys like you they just want blah blah whatever.

      When they want to share your body and your mind, then we have a different story.

      Part of the appeal of older men is our minds. If women wanted to invest in a younger man with potential – they would. Are younger women rushing to the altar to marry their younger boyfriends? No, they most certainly are not.

      Instead, they write articles like this, explaining exactly how they REALLY feel:


  3. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    That girl is not hot. Her forehead is riddled with acne, a tell tale sign of drug use. Her tongue is pierced – just meh!

    Look, people are going to do what they are going to do. I am just not one for glorifying the act of a gross dirty old man picking up a crack ho. This girl was a prostitute and no, she is not fertile. Most of these ho’s wombs are wrecked with venereal disease. This guy is lucky his dick did not fall off!

    In all seriousness bro, let us not paint the turd gold here. This guy was paying to get action from a meth head – nothing ‘hot’ about that.


  4. I don’t know Hipster Racist, but my rather broad experience tells me you’re not really scoring by banging girls like that. It’s like calling a candy that you took from a child “loot” 😉

    When I was still a crawling infant in the NLS world (and that got useless fast), I could pick up physically hot, mentally weak girls with little to no effort. Since their self-esteem was so extremely low, they seemed to expect a mean asshole that they just met to fuck their brains out in a randomly humiliating way. Score? I doubt that.

    I would never say it got boring or anything of the sort, but it’s way too easy to be called an achievement. I’ve seen some betas do it, too, only it was more random and rare, they couldn’t see the pattern, I guess, but they got some occasional pussy anyway – and all from the same kind of sluts.


    1. @Operation Werwolf

      I can’t disagree with anything you are saying. All I can say is, this article is only pretending to be aimed at men. It’s aimed at women. I know it’s easy to “score” with a young, beautiful, but naive woman. I’m not really bragging to men.

      I’m communicating with the women that read this blog, and pretend not too. Every woman commenter at VikingBitch’s blog reads every single post and comment here. Precisely because I’m the sexist misogynist asshole, etc. I’m the pimp of the White Nationalist movement, and if you think “pimp” is too niggerish, fine. Call it “provisioning.”

      I know. Being a male slut is not any sort of accomplishment. All I am doing is telling my female equivalents – the female sluts in the WN blog “movement” – that it sure would be nice if they would at least pay lip service to the 14 Words and maybe at least encourage younger white women to have white children the old fashioned way.

      Now, sure, in this particular case, Viking Bitch is right. This is a pathetic old man buying sex from a poor unfortunate white woman whose drug addiction destroyed her beauty and health.

      But that’s not really the point. The point is that any man pretending he would not want to snort cocaine off a hot 21 year old white woman’s tits is basically a liar. Not that they necessarily would, but if the idea is not appealing on some level, I doubt their sincerity. Can we agree on that?


      1. You are right. I need to encourage young women to have more babies, on my blog. I already do it whenever possible in real life.


      2. ‘any man pretending he would not want to snort cocaine off a hot 21 year old white woman’s tits is basically a liar.’

        I don’t know man, I heard coke is bad for your health.


  5. Ugh. HR. I haven’t been here for a while but I see you still base your world view on the worst Jerry Springer type people. I wish you would aim higher.


    1. Ugh. HR. I haven’t been here for a while but I see you still base your world view on the worst Jerry Springer type people. I wish you would aim higher.

      The girl in question is not a model or anything, but she is – or was (before the drugs) – a perfectly cute young woman that likely could have had white children.

      In any sane culture, that young woman would have been encouraged to marry the high school boy she was fucking, and have his children, and start a family.

      Instead, she was taught – likely – to become an amateur prostitute in high school, to use birth control, have abortions, and was never allowed to submit to any man, or have any man’s child, or to marry any man. She was too young for that.

      But she wasn’t too young to have sex – lots of sex, promiscuous sex, with many, many high school boys.

      In fact, she was encouraged to do so, and she was encouraged to abort any children she may have conceived.

      How many times do I have to say it? Elect some White Nationalist Conservative Family Values President that makes a law: no sex before marriage, no divorce, no abortion.

      You have my vote. I vote yes. Let’s get it done.

      But, you know, I’m not holding my breath.

      Instead, WN men will post scandalous articles about old men with young women, and pretend-Christians will pretend to be all scandalized.

      It’s freaking hilarious – I wrote a bunch of stories that included a lot of sex, and divorcees, abortionists, liberated sluts, and lesbian single turkey baster mothers are lecturing me because I get an erection when I see a fertile white woman naked.

      As if white women in America are actually monogamous, family minded? Come on? Why play pretend here?

      It’s not that dude that is committing the crime here – it’s that girl’s MOTHER. Where is that girl’s MOTHER?


      1. “lesbian single turkey baster mothers” umm no. My children were conceived by my husband I in the most natural way.

        “lecturing me because I get an erection when I see a fertile white woman naked” umm no. Lecturing you because you write the most degrading Jewish crap of any supposed racist I know.

        “Where is that girl’s MOTHER?” Where are her mother and her FATHER? Why does a father bear zero responsibility in your mind?

        I too lament what feminism has done to our people but I feel are time is better spent on better things than this drivel. I have seen so much better from you. So much better.


  6. Almost every other WN/etc. either misunderstands or denies the reality of the female instinct. And I certainly don’t think most racially aware white men know what their “fair maidens” get up to after hours – most won’t believe it even when you tell them.

    Still, it’s incredibly heartening to read someone who openly straddles this elephant in the room. Anyone who is serious about white demography has to start here. Women absolutely require some combination of physical force and social pressure to ensure they do what is needed; however, if we can’t even get white men to acknowledge the wanton havoc women wreak when given the run of the place, I fear we may be in for more painful lessons before the ugly truth becomes undeniably apparent. The quicker we learn the easier it will be.


    1. @John Salt

      See, I’m a “truther” – I believe in the truth. Sometimes the truth is ugly, but nevertheless, it’s true.

      As for women, sometimes “beta males” and old women accuse me of “misogyny” – hatred of women. That is simply not true. I do not hate women. There is not a single woman that I hate.

      Nevertheless, I know how gals are. There’s nothing “wrong” with women, not at all. It’s just when they are valuable – when they are young, pretty, and fertile, they tend to be rather stupid. Just like boys – boys are dumb when they are young too. So, you know, you need to lead them with a firm hand.

      But these “beta males” would rather get verbal praise from old church ladies than face the harsh truths of what needs to be done.

      As for old church ladies, hey I like to flirt with them too, but I won’t be lectured by them, that’s for damn sure. Because I’m a perfectly aware that when these old church ladies were young, fertile, and beautiful – they were fucking bad boys just like me.

      And they *loved* it.


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